The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 1639

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 1639
At that moment, Patrick, Damian, and Penny were all in the living room.
That day was the day for the family’s internal meetings, so Damian and Penny were not working.
That was also the main reason why Rick had chosen that day. He wanted to completely eliminate the first line of direct
Of course, Patrick and the others did not know that at all.
At that moment, they heard some frantic footsteps. Iris’s forehead was sweaty as she ran into the living
“This is great!”
When she saw that Patrick and the others were fine, Iris let out a sigh of relief.
“Iris, why are you here?” Damian was very surprised. After that, Patrick and him walked over to greet her.
“Uncle, I was tricked by Nigel to come over today, and I was almost captured by him…”
After Iris caught her breath, she hurriedly explained how she had been ambushed by Nigel.
“What? Why would Nigel attack you for no reason?”
They were shocked to hear what Iris had to say.
“Well, Leon thinks that the second line might be trying to seize control of the family,” Iris answered honestly before she explained
Leon’s thoughts.
“Take control?”
Patrick was shocked. After that, he exchanged looks of uncertainty with Damian and Penny.
“Iris, could you be mistaken? Rick and Eugene already admitted to their faults during the banquet. How could they try to seize
power again?” Patrick said with a frown.

Even though Iris seemed quite certain, it was still just speculation from Leon in the end. It was hard for him to believe it without
any evidence!
“I don’t think I’m mistaken! Grandfather, everything I said is real. You have to trust me!” Iris said sincerely.
“It’s not that I’m not trusting you, but the elders have been very supportive of our branch ever since Damian recovered! No matter
how stupid Rick is, he wouldn’t try to take control of the family again!” Patrick said
He knew that the elders had so much influence within the family that Rick would need at least the three of them to take his place!
However, all five of the elders were very supportive of him at that moment!
Rick had no power to fight against him!
As for combat ability, even though Rick was at the initial Emperor State just like him, he was a bit stronger than Rick. Rick was
no match for him at all!
It was no exaggeration to say that he held the advantage in every way!
Unless there was something wrong with Rick’s head, there was no way Rick would try to fight him for power!
It did not sound right!
“Grandfather, I don’t know what schemes and tricks they have, but when Nigel attacked me just now, I personally heard him say
they would deal with you! There’s no way that’s fake!” Iris said anxiously.
Patrick found himself at a loss for words.
“Dad, I think Iris is right! The fact that Nigel dared to ambush Iris probably means they’re aiming for us! We have to be prepared!”
Damian said seriously.

“Yes, you’re right! How about this? Damian, have the elders come see me right now. On top of that, make sure the family’s
experts are on alert!” Patrick quickly made his arrangements.
It was better to be careful. Since Iris came to report the matter, he needed to be on guard in case of any
“Haha, it’s already too late to try to prepare yourself!”
At that moment, they heard a loud laugh.
After that, Rick and Charlie led the experts from the Scammells inside.

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