The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 1644

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 1644
“That brat’s actually here!”
Charlie and Patrick were shocked at Leon’s sudden appearance. They could not believe their eyes.
They had thought that, no matter how stupid Leon was, there was no way Leon would barge in just to die!
Yet, Leon had actually hurried over in such a thunderous manner!
It had exceeded their expectations!
“Leon, you’re finally here!” Iris was elated. She felt incredibly relieved.
She knew of Leon’s skills. He had never disappointed her before!
With Leon managing to hurry over, she immediately regained all her composure. All of the worries in her heart disappeared.
Yet, in contrast to her happiness, Patrick, Damian, and Penny did not seem happy at all.
After all, they knew of Leon’s situation. Even though Leon’s abilities were quite strong amongst the younger generation, it was
mostly because of his defensive treasure. He could barely stand up to someone at the Peak Overlord State!
Yet, their opponents were someone at the Initial Emperor State and two opponents at the Intermediate Overlord State!
They were far stronger than Leon. They were not something Leon could deal with at his age!
It was pointless for Leon to be there. He would just give up his life for no reason!
However, after he remembered Leon’s connection with the Thompsons, Patrick hurriedly shouted over to Leon, “Leon, just
escape for now. Hurry and go ask the Thompsons for help!”
“That’s right! Leon, this time, the second line is working with Charlie and some experts from the Martells. You’re no match for
them! Hurry up and go ask Mister Thompson for help!” Damian quickly urged Leon to escape as well.
He knew of Leon’s relationship with Yuri. At that moment, the first line of descendants was already defeated. If Leon was able to
convince Yuri to help, they could still stand a chance!

“There’s no way you can escape so easily since you’re already here!” Rick immediately reacted.
After that, he had the other Scammells seal off any route Leon had to escape!
Of course, none of them knew that Leon did not plan on leaving at all. There was no need to!
On top of that, the Thompsons stayed quite far away. By the time he got their help, everything would be over!
“Iris, are all of you fine?”
Leon ignored Rick and the others. He hurried over to Iris with Snow.
Seeing Iris safe and sound without any injuries on her, he breathed a sigh of relief.
“I’m fine, but Grandfather and Uncle have been injured by Charlie. They seem to be in a bad state,” Iris said
with concern before she explained the situation briefly.
“Charlie? So he’s the one pulling the strings!” Leon had a cold look on his face.
Even though he had managed to guess that the second line of direct descendants was staging a coup, he did not know what sort
of tricks they had up their sleeve.
After Iris‘ explanation, he finally understood that they only dared to rebel because they had Charlie’s help!
“Grandfather, Uncle, these are Circulation pills. It’s very effective for internal injuries.”
Leon hurriedly took out some Circulation pills for Patrick and Damian, temporarily suppressing their injuries.

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