The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 1645

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 1645
On the other side, Charlie and Rick were furious when Leon ignored them. They had incredibly dark looks on
their faces!
“Leon, you had an easy way out, but you decided to come here instead! Since you’re already here, prepare to
die!” Charlie said in a sinister manner.
Ever since Leon injured him last time, he has already hated Leon to the bone. On top of that, Leon was even Iris‘ boyfriend.
There was no way he would ever forgive Leon!
The fact that Leon had actually come over by himself was perfect for him!
Other than that, he had instructed Black Gorilla to assassinate Leon before, but the Dragon Corps had taken
away Black Gorilla for some reason, which was how Leon managed to survive!
Leon would not be so lucky this time!
“You’re not worthy of killing me! Charlie, you first had Black Gorilla attack me, then you actually helped the second line stage a
coup and hurt Patrick and Damian! This is just too much! It’s time we settle the score!” Leon said coldly with a murderous glint in
his eyes.
Charlie was stunned.
He and the Southern Boss had thought that Black Gorilla had been taken away by the Dragon Corps before he managed to kill
Yet, he never expected Leon to know that he had ordered Black Gorilla to do that.
Suddenly, he was quite confused. He could not understand how Leon knew about it!
However, it was already a matter of the past, and he did not care that much!

“Leon, you might not be that skilled, but you sure know how to talk! Since you want to die so badly, I’ll grant you your wish!
Anderson, seal his power and break all his limbs before feeding them to the dogs!” Charlie coldly ordered Anderson.
“Yes,” Anderson acknowledged.
Right after that, he prepared to attack but was stopped by Rick.
“Wait! Mister Martell, Leon broke Nigel’s legs last time, and our hatred for him knows no bounds! Please leave him to me, I want
to cripple him myself to take revenge for Nigel!” Rick said coldly, looking at Leon
with unending hatred.
“Yes, that’s fine,” Charlie quickly agreed after thinking about it for a moment.
He knew that Rick was at the Initial Emperor State. With Rick’s skills, dealing with a piece of trash like Leon would not be a
So, he instructed Anderson to step aside and leave Leon to Rick.
Seeing that, Patrick and Damian looked incredibly hopeless.
“Leon, I already told you to escape and ask the Thompsons for help, but you didn’t listen! Look at things now, you can’t even flee
if you wanted to!” Patrick said with a sigh. He looked very worried and filled with despair.
Damian was the same as well.
There was too much of a gap of power between the two sides. None of them felt like Leon would be able to
defeat Rick and the two Martells!
It did not seem realistic!
If there were no surprises, nothing good awaited them and Leon that day!
Suddenly, it was obvious how desperate and hopeless they felt!

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