The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 1650

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 1650
“Anderson, stop wasting your time talking to that girl! Just grab her along with Iris!”
Charlie looked at Roanne’s stunThe Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 1650The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By
Dragonsky Chapter 1650ning looks, and his eyes glinted. He suddenly felt a sense of amazement.
Since Roanne had been ill and rarely went out, he had never seen Roanne before and did not know that Roanne was a
Other than that, Roanne’s looks were comparable to Iris‘. Both of them were beautiful beyond compare!
If he could get both of them at the same time, having one for each arm, would it not be perfect?
Just thinking about it got him very excited!
“Yes!” Anderson acknowledged.
Right after that, without a second of delay, he rushed forward to grab the two girls!
“Not good…
Patrick and the others felt their hearts sink at the sight.
They wanted to stop Anderson from getting Iris, but Anderson was just too strong. On top of that, Patrick and Damian had
already been injured by Anderson before that.
They were powerless to help and could only stare with widened eyes as Iris fell into danger.
None of them knew who Roanne was at all. They did not think that a weak–looking girl like that would be able to avoid
Anderson’s grasp!
If there were no surprises, Iris and Roanne would fall into Anderson’s hands and have a difficult time escaping!
However, before they could even finish their thoughts, they were thoroughly shocked by what happened next!

The old man behind Roanne had a cold glint in his eyes as he quickly stepped forward and rushed in front of
After that, a wave of unbelievably strong true energy shot out with a wave of his sleeve, immediately charging at Anderson!
“Peak Emperor State!”
Anderson was shocked to feel that true energy.
He had thought that his skills would be enough to deal with Leon and the first line of descendants of the Scammells.
However, he never expected a martial artist at the Peak Emperor State to be beside Roanne!
Furthermore, the power coming from that old man seemed more terrifying than just the Peak Emperor State. He could very well
be at the Semi Almighty State!
There was no way he could deal with that!
He immediately scrambled to turn around to try and avoid the old man’s attack.
However, he was just too much weaker than the old man. Even with his full might, he was not able to avoid
the old man’s attack!
There was a loud sound as Anderson was sent flying before he fell to the ground.
After that, he spat out mouthfuls of blood, clearly suffering internal injuries.
However, he was still quite strong. He had actually managed to avoid most of the attack, or he would probably have died or been
“Peak Emperor State? How is this possible?!”
At that moment, both Charlie and Rick were stunned and full of disbelief.

It was not just them. Even Patrick and Damian were stunned as well. They were deeply shaken by the immense power the old
man showed!
The next moment, everyone suddenly went completely silent.

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