The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 1651

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 1651
Charlie looked at the old man warily after he snapped out of his shock. “W–Who are you?”
“John Thompson,” the old man said coldly, announcing who he was.
“What? Y–You’re a Thompson?”
The announcement left everyone shell–shocked as though a bomb had gone off. Whether it was Charlie and Rick or Damian’s
side, none of them expected an expert from the Thompsons to miraculously be present.
Charlie looked at Roanne behind John, and his eyes widened. He quickly guessed who Roanne was. “Is that Roanne
Thompson, then?”
He might never have met Roanne before, but he knew who she was.
Most of the ancient families had heard about how Roanne had been captured by Asmodeus a few days ago as well; it was just
that very few people had seen Roanne herself.
With John beside Roanne and protecting her, anyone would be able to guess that Roanne was the secretive daughter of the
“I guess you do have eyes,” John said with a sneer.
Charlie was thoroughly shocked when John admitted to Roanne’s identity himself.
Even though he knew that the first line of descendants from the Scammells had some ties with the Thompsons, he did not know
how close Leon was to the Thompsons.
He could not understand why Roanne would be with someone as insignificant as Leon.
This was all out of his expectation, so he was completely caught off–guard…but that was not all.
He had not dealt with the Scammells directly this time and spent so much effort in helping the second line of direct descendants
stage a coup, mainly because he did not want to alert the Thompsons about the matter, but his worst fear was realized. Roanne

had somehow appeared in the mix!
This greatly disrupted all his plans.
Suddenly, he found himself completely stunned, not knowing what to do.
“That’s great! So Leon has asked for help from the Thompsons!”
After finding out who Roanne was, Patrick and the others were elated as they smiled. It was obvious that they all thought
Roanne was part of the reinforcements Leon had gotten.
Even though Leon had not managed to get Yuri over, Roanne was more or less at the same level as Yuri, so the outcome was
They would be fine as long as Roanne was willing to help. Charlie and the second line’s coup would have failed, too.
At that moment, their moods were drastically different from before.
Of course, in contrast with how happy they were, Charlie and Rick’s side had sour looks on their faces.
Rick, Eugene, and Nigel in particular had made it obvious they were enemies with the first line. If the coup failed, the outcome
was more than obvious for them!

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