The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 1655

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 1655
“Leon, you’re no match for them. Don’t be reckless!” said Patrick hurriedly.
He and Damian stepped forward, enduring the pain that seared through their bodies as they intended to stop Leon. Before the
two of them could stop things from happening, however, Iris suddenly grabbed them by their arms.
“Grandfather, uncle, don’t worry! Leon is very strong, and they won’t be able to do anything to him. Since he wants to help the
family, just let him!” Iris said in a hurry.
She knew of Leon’s skills. With Leon’s unbeatable Potential Energy, it would be very easy for Leon to beat them.
Earlier, Charlie’s subordinates had injured Patrick and Damian before ambushing Leon and injuring him then. She was furious at
the fact, and she had hoped Leon would be able to teach them a lesson.
“Yes. Iris is right–Leon is very strong! If they hadn’t snuck up on him just now, they wouldn’t have been able to do anything to
him!” Roanne nodded in agreement.
Just like Iris, she had witnessed that terrifying Potential Energy from Leon before.
Even Asmodeus, who was at the Semi Almighty State, had been killed by Leon in one blow. What else could Charlie’s clique do?
Because of this, she remained silent the whole time, not forcing John to help Leon deal with them. There was no need at all!
“Are the two of you crazy?”
Patrick and Damian were shocked at that. They could not believe their ears.
After all, they had seen Leon being injured by Anderson earlier. It was obvious to them that Leon would not be able to beat
Charlie and his men, yet Iris and Roanne both seemed to be supporting Leon!
Why were these women so confident? What was the reason?
In the front, Leon did not bother explaining things as he pointed at Anderson and said coldly, “It was you who snuck up on me
and injured me. That was a low blow, you dog, so I’ll start with you. Come and meet your death!”
“What an arrogant brat! Since you want to die, I’ll grant you your wish!” Anderson sneered.

Even though he had been injured by John moments ago, it had not been that bad. Furthermore, Leon was injured, too, and by
his hand at that, so Leon was probably not in a much better condition.
He had no reason to be afraid.
After that, he stepped forward and stood in front of Leon.
“Brat, it’s your time to die!” Anderson sneered.
Before Leon could react, he immediately shot forward with immense force, attacking Leon.
Knowing how his previous attack managed to injure Leon, he was confident he could beat Leon in the same
To prevent any surprises, he attacked first and gave no openings for his opponent to strike.
As long as he seized the chance, Leon would not be able to stand up to his power at the intermediate Emperor State.
“Perfect!” Leon scoffed.
He stepped forward and quickly charged toward the attacking Anderson.

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