The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 1657

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 1657
Charlie quickly shot Bill a look after he snapped out of his shock. “Bill, what are you standing idle for? Hurry
and attack!”
Bill immediately understood and quickly charged forward. He swiftly struck at the back of Leon, who was not yet in a readied
state after having defeated Anderson, powerfully.
Iris, Patrick, and the others panicked at the sight. They hurriedly shouted to Leon. “Leon, careful!”
“You’re trying to attack me from behind? Despicable!”
The furious Leon quickly turned, but it was too late for him to avoid the attack. Thus, he instead uses his
mirror against the attack.
“Die, you brat!” With a vicious smirk, Bill unleashed his full power as his fist landed on Leon’s chest.
Even though Leon had defeated Anderson, Bill attributed it to Anderson being injured by John. To him, Anderson’s power must
have weakened greatly because of that, which was why he was unfortunate enough to fall to Leon.
Bill, however, was different; he was not injured at all. He was also slightly more powerful than Anderson, already standing at the
top of those at his level.
Moreover, he was launching a sneak attack, so the initiative was all his.
As long as his attack landed, it would definitely injure Leon heavily!
Sure enough, his attack slammed against Leon’s chest…but what happened next shocked him.
His attack had not heavily injured Leon at all. In fact, Leon did not even budge!
“That’s impossible!” Bill was shocked.
Even though he knew about the protective treasure on Leon’s body, based on Charlie’s reports, Leon’s treasure was only at the
peak of Overlord State. Furthermore, when Anderson injured Leon before this, he clearly broke through Leon’s guard.

Yet, even when he was stronger than Anderson, he did not even nick Leon’s skin at all. This was just unbelievable!
“Despicable. You’re the one who’s going to die!”
At the same time, Leon raised his fist and swung it toward Bill’s chest
Bill panicked. He wanted to avoid the blow, but he had spent all his energy and had none left to avoid the
He could only watch as Leon’s attack pounded his chest, and the attack sent him flying several meters away as blood spurted
through his lips excessively. Not a second later, an intense pain seared across his chest.
He was even more heavily injured than Anderson, and several of his ribs were broken. He lay on the ground, not even having the
strength to get back up.
Charlie, Patrick, and the others were thoroughly shocked.
They never expected Leon to suddenly be a new person after failing to take a single attack from Anderson earlier.
Not only had Leon injured both Anderson and Bill, but it was done in one blow as well!
If they had not witnessed it for themselves, they would not have believed it!

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