The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 1664

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 1664
“You want an explanation from Mister Wolf? Who do you think you are?! That’s impossible!” John said without holding back.
“Mister Thompson, what do you mean by this? Are you really going to make an enemy out of the Southern Boss and the Martells
because of someone unrelated to the Thompsons?” Linus said stubbornly, not
understanding why John was trying to speak up for Leon.
“Who told you Mister Wolf is unrelated to us? Let me tell you, Mister Wolf is a valued guest of the Thompsons. We owe him a
great deal! If you’re trying to use your men against him, then you’ll have to get through me first!” John said coldly with a firm tone.
Before that, he had not helped Leon against Charlie and the others because he was worried about the Southern boss. On the
other hand, he had also agreed to let Charlie and his men leave. It was Leon who had attacked.
Since that was the case, he was not able to help Leon.
However, Linus was trying to use his experts and guards against Leon this time. It was a completely different situation!
With how much the Thompsons owed Leon, he could not just stand by and watch!
Linus was shocked to hear that. He could not believe his ears!
He had always thought that the Scammells‘ first line of direct descendants was related to the Thompsons. He never expected the
one actually to have ties to the Thompsons to be Leon!
Leon was just an insignificant man without any background at all. Yet, he managed to get the Thompsons to owe him. He was
even a treasured guest of theirs!
Was that not unbelievable?
It was obvious how shocked he was!
“No wonder…”
Charlie had a look of realization on his face.

He had been confused as to why Roanne was by Leon’s side.
He finally understood Leon’s relationship with the Thompsons was far closer than the Scammells!
Furthermore, the fact that the Scammells could even be tied to the Thompsons might all be because of Leon!
With that in mind, he suddenly realized that he had underestimated Leon too much before this!
“Linus, the Martells are absolutely dishonorable, you’re just abusing your power! I’ll give you one last chance. Leave this place
with your family right now! Otherwise, don’t blame me for not showing any mercy!” John said coldly, giving Linus an ultimatum.
Linus had a dark look on his face.
Even though he had a few Emperor State experts with him, the strongest among them was only at the Advanced Emperor State!
They were far from enough to deal with John, who was at the Semi Almighty State!
With John protecting Leon, just John alone would be enough to deal with all of them!
He lacked any advantage whatsoever!
“What are you staring at? Hurry up and leave!” John shouted coldly before he unleashed a wave of terrifying energy at Linus.
Linus paled at that. He took a few steps back before he stopped.

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