The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 1668

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 1668
“Impossible! You bad guys won’t be allowed to hurt Leon!”
At that moment, Roanne walked over. There was an incredibly firm tone to her voice.
“Little girl, who are you?”
Rodney was amazed when he saw Roanne with her stunning looks.
He had met many kinds of top beauties before, but it was his first time ever meeting a pure and absolute beauty like Roanne!
The moment he saw her, he felt incredibly captivated!
“Young Master Spears, she’s Roanne Thompson…
Charlie explained who Roanne was.
“What? So she’s Roanne Thompson!”
Rodney was shocked. He stared at Roanne’s stunning look without blinking.
Even though he had never seen Roanne before, he had heard that Roanne’s looks were unrivaled. She was à rare beauty in the
Southern Region!
It seemed like her beauty lived up to the rumors!
Not only that, as he thought about Roanne’s beauty, he quickly saw Iris and Snow, who were not far behind Roanne!
“How beautiful! How could there be so many beauties within the Scammell household?!”
Rodney was completely shocked!
He had thought that Roanne’s beauty was already so rare that it was probably peerless!
Yet, Iris and Snow were just as peerlessly beautiful as Roanne was. They did not lose out to Roanne in any way!
Iris, in particular, looked like an immortal fairy. Her cold and noble demeanor made her even slightly more attractive than

It was obvious how shocked he was!
However, he was still the son of the Southern Boss. He had experienced a lot in his life. After stopping for a few moments, he
quickly recovered from his shock.
“Roanne, think about it clearly! This is a personal matter between me and Leon. It has nothing to do with the Thompsons. Are
you really going to interfere?!” Rodney said coldly.
Roanne was a direct descendant of the Thompsons. She was much more important than John!
If he acted without reason and attacked Roanne or injured her, the Thompsons would not let him off easily!
So, he deliberately sets a trap for Roanne.
As long as Roanne insisted on coming between him and Leon’s matter, the Thompsons would have to swallow it even if he
‘accidentally‘ hurt her!
“Yes, that’s right! If you dare to hurt Leon, then the Thompsons won’t let you off!” Roanne said firmly.
She had pure and innocent intentions, but she had accidentally fallen for Rodney’s trap.
John could not help but sigh.
He could tell that Rodney was deliberately setting a trap.
However, he knew very well that Leon had saved her many times before. Even if Roanne knew of Rodney’s trick, she would not
ignore it as Rodney attacked Leon!

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