The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 1670

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 1670
“Rodney, you asked for this!” Leon had a cold look on his face. He suddenly had a murderous glint in his eyes.
His opponents were just too strong. They had a numbers advantage as well. It was definitely not something he could deal with
Since that was the case, he had to use his final trump card, which was the gift from Master Haslewood!
The Potential Energy was an attack that did not differentiate friend from foe, and it had a very wide range as well. It could
possibly deal with the Guardians, Rodney, and the others!
However, John was currently facing the two Guardians. If he used it right now, it was possible that he would end up hitting John!
With that in mind, he hurriedly said to John, “Mister Thompson, come back here. Leave the two Guardians to me!”
Everyone was completely shocked at that!
All of them looked at Leon in disbelief, unable to believe his ears!
Even though Leon was strong, the Fifth and Sixth Guardians were still at the Semi Almighty State!
They were so much stronger than Leon!
They did not think that Leon would really be able to deal with the two of them!
It was not realistic at all!
“Leon, have you gone crazy?” John shouted in frustration.
It was one thing that Leon did not want to flee, but he even said that he would deal with the two Guardians!
He did not understand where Leon got the courage to go against the two Guardians!
Was that not just suicide?!

“I’m not crazy! Mister Thompson, please believe me. As long as you retreat, I’ll get rid of these two pieces of trash immediately!
“Leon said with a straight face.
As he said that, he prepared his Potential Energy.
“What an arrogant kid!” The two Guardians were thoroughly angered by Leon.
Even though Rodney had ordered them to get rid of John first, they were strong and proud martial artists. There was no way they
would bear to be belittled by someone like Leon!
Right after that, both of them struck out to force John back before they jumped away from the battle.
“Brat, since you want to die, we’ll grant you your wish!” the two Guardians said coldly, immediately targeting Leon.
After that, the two of them struck out with immense force at Leon.
It was obvious they planned on dealing with Leon to get rid of their hatred first!
“Leon, careful!” Seeing that, Iris, Snow, and Roanne cried out in warning.
Even though they knew that Leon had that incredibly powerful attack, he was still going against numbers.
Leon might not be able to deal with so many enemies with one attack!
They could not help but worry about that.
“Perfect!” Leon said coldly.
He took the chance and was about to use the Potential Energy to kill the Guardians and Rodney behind them when something
happened the next moment.
“Stop! The Gold Dragon Guard of the Dragon Corps is here!”
At that moment, an angry shout was heard.
A black car drove over and stopped nearby.
Right after that, the doors opened. Abraham and Oliver both walked out with angry looks on their faces.

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