The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 1672

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 1672
‘Is this guy affiliated with the Dragon Corps or something?‘ Rodney’s heart lurched in his chest as this thought crossed his mind.
Judging from how respectfully Abraham greeted him, Rodney could not help but wonder whether Leon had been a part of the
Dragon Corps all along.
However, he soon dismissed this as an irrational thought!
The Spears were one of the most powerful forces in the Gangster World and had crossed paths with the Dragon Corps many
times now. Therefore, he had seen Abraham and Oliver plenty of times before and thus knew that they were both only Second–
level Gold Dragon Guards.
If Leon truly belonged to the Dragon Corps and was their superior, this meant that he had to at least be a Platinum Dragon
Guard, which was the highest possible position among the Dragon Corps, and only Almighty Warriors were qualified to hold
down such a position.
Leon was only in his mid–twenties, and Rodney did not think he was capable of attaining the Almighty State yet, so there was no
way this man could possibly be a Platinum Dragon Guard!
This was impossible!
He was not the only one thinking this – even Rick, Linus, and the rest had the same thoughts, especially Patrick and Damian.
They were familiar with Leon’s background and knew that he had traveled from Springfield City to settle down not too long ago.
Therefore, there was no way this man could be affiliated with the Southern region division of the Dragon Corps!
Besides, there was no way the Dragon Corps would allow an outsider like Leon to hold down such a prestigious position!
“May we help you?” Rodney asked. Although he was certain that Leon was not a member of the Dragon Corps, he wanted to be
on the side of caution.
“We received a tip saying that there was suspicious activity here, so we came to check!” Oliver replied coldly, trying to come up
with an excuse.
The last time they met, Leon had ordered him and Abraham to keep a close eye on the Southern Boss for the time being, and
when Rodney left home with the two Guardians, they quickly realized something was wrong

and tailed them.
They had just arrived not too long ago, but because they had to conceal Leon’s true identity, they could not tell this to Rodney!
“Report what? Did this twat do it?” Rodney finally understood why Oliver and Abraham had made a beeline straight to Leon on
arriving. Perhaps Charlie and the Scammells had not done a clean job, so Leon alerted the Dragon Corps out of caution.
There was no other explanation for the Dragon Corps‘ sudden appearance.
“Leon, I can’t believe you not only alerted the Thompsons, but the Dragon Corps as well! You’re such a thoughtful person!”
Damian and Patrick were overjoyed by this. They were thinking along the same line as Rodney that Leon was the one who
reported this to the Dragon Corps just to be on the safe side.
This was why the Dragon Corps managed to arrive just in time, but unbeknownst to them, neither Roanne and John nor
Abraham and Oliver, were summoned by Leon!
This was all just a coincidence!
“I guess you can say that.” Leon smiled but did not deny it.
He was a member of the Dragon Corps‘ auxiliary staff, and hence his identity was to be protected. If one day his true identity
were to get exposed, he would undoubtedly become the target of assassination!
Since Rodney and the rest had mistaken him as the one who alerted the Dragon Corps, he would let them believe it!

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