The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 1673

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 1673
“Rodney Spears, how dare you ignore the Dragon Corps‘ warning and continue harassing the civilians? This is outrageous! Do
you honestly think the Dragon Corps will allow such behavior?” Oliver bellowed, trying to distract everybody from what had
The color drained from Rodney’s face as his heart sank. He was well aware of the Dragon Corps‘ warning, but knowing that the
Dragon Corps rarely stuck their noses into conflicts like this, he actually intended to take care of the Scammells‘ direct
descendants first. He was certain that as long as he did not kill anyone during the process, the Dragon Corps would not be able
to hold him responsible so long as they find out later than. sooner!
However, he never once dreamed that they would show up before he even got the chance to do anything and caught him red–
One could only imagine his dismay at this!
On second thought… he soon realized something was amiss.
“Mister Jelphs, this is where you’re mistaken. The members of the Scammells‘ second bloodline requested my help to scare their
enemies, and that’s all I did. How dare you jump to the conclusion that I’m harassing them when I didn’t even do anything
wrong?” Rodney reasoned. He was telling the truth; since he had not gotten to do anything to Leon and the others yet, he was
technically not in the wrong!
“You-” Oliver and Abraham were outraged by this. However, considering that Rodney was right and had not indeed done
anything to inflict harm on the Scammells, there was nothing they could do about it.
“This is all just a misunderstanding, sirs. If there’s nothing else I can help you with, I’d like to excuse myself now!” Rodney added.
Now that the Thompsons and the Dragon Corps had gotten involved in this, there was no way he would be able to continue
teaching Leon and the Scammells a lesson!
As reluctant as he was, he knew he had to call it quits.
Besides, patience was a virtue; the Scammells were just a small family, and their influence was no match for the Spears at all!
He had plenty of opportunities to snatch the Cynthion Group from them in the future!

“This is splendid! Everything has finally come to an end!” Patrick and Damian were delighted to see that their perpetrators had
decided to leave.
Rick, Eugene, and Nigel, on the other hand, were dismayed by this. They were hoping that Rodney’s addition would tilt the
tables in their favor. They didn’t expect the Dragon Corps to show up without warning and ruin everything!
The glimmer of hope in their hearts dissipated!
As for Linus, he immediately decided to retreat before it was too late. He gestured to his guards, intending to leave alongside
Rodney, when…
“You’re leaving? Not so fast!” Leon scoffed.
Then, he lunged forward, stepping right into Rodney’s path and blocking his exit.

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