The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 2773

Chapter 2773

“I’ve already found a suitable company and I should be able to get all the
paperwork done by tomorrow afternoon,” Hugo said.

“That’s good, but getting the paperwork done by tomorrow afternoon may be a
little too late. You need to hurry things up, Hugo,” Renee was relieved but still
wished that Hugo could hurry for safety measures.

That way, they could avoid any unexpected interference and obtain a partnership
with Cynthion Group.

“Renee’s right. Hugo, you need to speed things up and try to finish things up by
tomorrow morning. Whatever you need, well cooperate. Mistakes aren’t allowed!”
Caleb said and placed all his hope on Hugo.

The other elders felt the same.

Due to Renee’s interference, they all regained their composure and no longer
trusted Jayden. Instead, they placed their hope on Hugo.

“I’l do my best,” Hugo nodded.

“Dad, it’s still not appropriate! I told you that Hugo’s theory about the
pharmaceutical firm is just a guess and it may not be what Leon wants. If Hugo’s
wrong and we go ahead to acquire that firm, well suffer great losses!” Jayden
objected hesitantly again.

He also noticed that his proposal would not work after learning that Hugh was
Leon. However, that did not mean that he agreed with Hugo.

He was worried that Hugo’s plan would fail and create unnecessary loss. On the
other hand, if Hugo succeeded in obtaining the opportunity to work with Cynthion
Group, Hugo would win Caleb and the elders over and they would grow to trust
him more.

Jayden wanted something else.

“You moron! How can you be so stubborn and still insist on meddling after all that
has happened? Are you trying to give me a heart attack?” Caleb roared.

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“Dad, I’m not messing around. I’m

telling the truth. Now that Leon has
agreed to visit the Dagleshs’

mansion, he prefers them. If we

spend a fortune on a pharmaceutical

and can’t obtain the partnership with
Cynthion in the end, we would lose
everything,” Jayden said. The content

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“So what? The Dagleshs are on the

move and we can only gamble if we

want to defeat them. Are we

supposed just to let the Dagleshs
succeed?” Caleb said in displeasure.

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He, too, was worried that the
pharmaceutical firm may not be what
Leon needed. If that were true, the
Morrisons would not obtain the
partnership with Cynthion and would
suffer great financial loss for nothing

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However, Dagleshs were fully prepared to take the opportunity and Leon seemed
keen to accept them as partners.

If the Morrisons wished to turn the tables, they would have to take a leap of faith
and there were no other options.

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