The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 2774

Chapter 2774

“But,” Jayden was reluctant to give up but was immediately interrupted by

“Uncle, you are worried over nothing. Leon has already started preparing for the
establishment of the branch. The pharmaceutical firm we acquired for him would
be exactly what he needs. We won’t be working in vain.”

Her tone was determined and unquestionable.

“What a joke! You’re not Leon, so how would you know that this is what he
needs? Did he tell you that himself?” Jayden scoffed.

“Of course, I know. Even if Leon didn’t put it into words, it showed in his actions,”
Renee said calmly and proceeded to explain how Leon recruited a saleswoman.
The fact that Leon recruited the saleswoman to be the branch’s vice president in
preparation for the next step.

Leon had no connection in the western region and if he wanted to establish a firm
here, acquiring a preexisting pharmaceutical firm would be the quickest option.
Hence, she could be certain that Hugo was wise.

So long as Hugo managed to complete all the paperwork before Leon visited the
Dagleshs, she was certain that the Morrisons would obtain the opportunity to
work with Cynthion Group.


“Hugo, you were right all along!”

“Looks like there’s hope for US to win and become Cynthion Group’s partner!
Caleb and the elders were overjoyed as they were just worried about spending a
fortune in vain.

Upon learning that Leon was already preparing to establish a branch in the
western region, they realized how perceptive Hugo was.

So long as they followed Hugo’s plan, they would stand a high chance of
defeating the Dagleshs.

The few of them instantly relaxed.

“Uncle, is there anything else you’d like to say?” Renee teased.

“I-” Jayden was rendered speechless and his expression darkened.

His reaction was a striking contrast compared to the others.

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Upon learning that Hugo was right, it
would be impossible for him to stop

this no matter how reluctant he was

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“Jayden, you are a failure! You are

still grounded, so go back to your

room!” Caleb roared angrily. The

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“Alright,” Jayden’s expression soured and he could only swallow his pride.

Not wanting to stay any longer, he left gloomily.

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Once he was gone, Caleb, Hugo, and

the others discussed details about

the acquisition before ending the

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