The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 2775

Chapter 2775

The next morning in a hotel room, Renee arrived shortly after Leon woke up.
“Renee, why are you here?” Leon was quite surprised that Renee would come to
him two days in a row.

“Leon, I came because I needed to speak with you about something,” Renee

Last night, Hugo and the others agreed to speed up the process of the
acquisition. However, the paperwork required time.

To prevent any accident from taking place, she came to the hotel to look for Leon
early in the morning.

This was her way of stalling and preventing Leon from visiting the Dagleshs
before Hugo completed all the procedures.

If Leon ended up working with the Dagleshs, everything would be too late.
“What is it?” Leon asked.

“I’ll tell you about it later on. Just come with me. I’ll take you to a place. You’ll
know what it is once you arrive.” Renee intentionally acted mysteriously.

“Um, alright! Let’s go!” Leon was thoughtful and could not figure out what she
was trying to do.

Hence, he intended to follow her to see what she was planning.

“There’s no hurry! You’ve just woken up and probably haven’t had your breakfast,
right? Let’s go for breakfast first,” Renee said with a smile.

“Sure.” Leon nodded.

The two headed down and had breakfast. Afterward, Renee first took Leon to
walk around the nearby district.

She did not have something important to discuss with Leon and was just trying to
buy Hugo more time.

Using shopping as an excuse, she took Leon to the center area and shopped for
around three hours.

It was not until she received a call from Hugo that she finally stopped.

After the call, Leon finally lost patience and asked in confusion, “Renee, what
exactly are you trying to do? I thought that you were taking me somewhere.
Where are we going?”

“Don’t rush. I’ll take you there now!” Renee smiled.

She just received a call from Hugo saying that all preparations were in place.
Since she successfully stalled Leon, she now prepared to take him to Hugo.
With that, the two left and drove toward the outskirts.

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Health Pharmaceutical was located

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Under Renee’s guidance, Leon

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“Alright, we’re here! Leon, follow me!” Renee said and strode into the company.
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“Renee, this looks like a

pharmaceutical firm! Why are you

taking me here?” Leon scanned the
company as he followed Renee,

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