The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 2776

Chapter 2776

“Leon, what do you think of this company? Can it compare to Cynthion Group in
terms of facilities and scale?” Renee asked with a smile.

“It’s not bad. It’s grand with sufficient facilities, making it comparable to Cynthion
Group,” Leon said.

“Great! That means you are satisfied with this company, right?” Renee became
even more confident.

“Yeah, I am! But why does that matter?” Leon nodded, before realizing
something was off.

“It’s good to know that you are happy with this, Mister Wolf!” Just then, a
refreshing voice sounded.

Hugo strode out of the pharmaceutical firm with two middle-aged men who were
dressed in suits, looking like the stereotypical elite.

“Mister Morrison, why are you here?’ Leon was surprised to see her.

He glanced at Renee, then at Hugo in bafflement, not knowing what they were up

“Mister Wolf, this pharmaceutical firm was acquired by the Morrisons as a gift to
Cynthion Group. If you are satisfied with it, you can have it. With this firm, you
would save a lot of time and effort when you establish your branch here,’ Hugo
said with a smile.

“What?” Leon was shocked when he finally realized what they were upto.

It turned out that Hugo secretly acquired a pharmaceutical firm on his behalf and
intended to give it to him as a gift.

This completely caught him by surprise.

“Mister Wolf, I’ve taken care of all the paperwork and I just have a share transfer
agreement here pending for a signature! So long as you sign here, I will transfer
the share to under your name. What do you think?” Hugo asked with anticipation.
With that, one of the middle-aged men presented an agreement to Leon.

“Well,” Leon did not accept the agreement and fell into silence instead.

He did come to the western region to establish a branch for Cynthion Group.
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The fact that Hugo acquired a
pharmaceutical firm on his behalf
resolved a major issue for him and he
was pleasantly surprised. The

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Naturally, he knew that Hugo did so

to obtain a partnership with Cynthion
Group. If he accepted the

pharmaceutical firm, he would be

obliged to work with the Morrisons.

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However, Jayden was so unstable and Leon preferred to work with the Dagleshs.
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Since Elder Daglesh invited him to

the Dagleshs’ mansion to negotiate

in private and he already accepted

the invitation, it would be

inappropriate for him to establish a
partnership with Cynthion Group

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