The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 2779

Chapter 2779

“It’s fine! Mister Wolf, my grandpa, and the elders have offended you. Consider
this pharmaceutical firm a gift from US as an apology. You don’t have to pay me
back,” Hugo smiled.

Though they spent a fortune on this pharmaceutical firm, he successfully
obtained a partnership with Cynthion Group.

This was more than enough.

To make up for the Morrisons’ mistakes and show how sincere they were, he
intended to offer the company as a gift.

“No way! I didn’t do anything to deserve this. The Morrisons acquired this firm for
Cynthion Group and this saves me a lot of time and effort. I’m already thankful for
that. I can’t just let the Morrisons pay for it!” Leon shook his head.

There were appropriate ways to make profits.

This was a large pharmaceutical firm that would cost hundreds of millions.

As a friend, he could accept a gift from Hugo that cost a few million, but not a firm
that cost this much.

He could not possibly accept something so expensive and allow the Morrisons to
suffer such great financial loss.

Besides, he was not short of money since he owned Cynthion Group and
Elegante Group.

“But,” Hugo tried to argue but was interrupted by Leon.

“There are no buts, this is an entirely different matter! If you refuse to take my
money, I won’t accept this company!” Leon’s tone was determined and

“Well, alright, then! Mister Wolf, since you insist on paying, I’l take you up on
that,” Hugo was resigned.

Since Leon refused the gift from the Morrisons, he could only give up.

With that, Leon paid Hugo the money he paid to acquire the firm and signed the
share transfer agreement.

Apart from that, Hugo prepared the contract for the partnership between the
Morrisons and Cynthion Group.

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Under his tireless hard work, Leon

finally agreed to partner with the
Morrisons, so he handed the contract

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Leon signed on it as well and an alliance was formed.

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Once everything was in place, Hugo
pointed at the two middle-aged men

in suits behind him and introduced,
“Mister Leon, allow me to introduce
these two. They are both talented

men who work for US. They are Elliot
Carlin and Mike Cornwell. Elliot, Mike,

this is the chairman of Cynthion

Group, Mister Leon Wolf.” The

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“Hello, Mister Wolf,” The two men
realized from the earlier conversation
that Leon was a big shot. The

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Not daring to show any sign of disrespect, they immediately greeted Leon

“Hello,” Leon nodded and responded politely.

He then tured to Hugo in confusion, wondering what he meant by this.

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