The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 2781

Chapter 2781
“What? Mister Wolf, are you serious? Are you willing to increase the portion
twenty-five percent?” Hugo was overjoyed.
Though it was just an increase of five percent, it was a great fortune when it
came from a highly profitable firm like Cynthion Group.
This would at least guarantee the Morrisons hundreds of millions each year or
even more.
Caleb and the elders were reluctant to work with Cynthion Group because they
wanted to benefit more.
After all the tricks they played, they failed and almost cost them the opportunity to
partner with Cynthion Group.
Yet, Leon was now willing to increase their portion to twenty-five percent and this
caught Hugo by surprise.
Instantly, he was both shocked and pleasantly surprised.
“Of course, I’m serious!” Leon nodded.
Profit was a great motivator for anyone.
He knew that the profit division he offered was quite low and the Morrisons were
aiming to gain more.
This was normal and he could empathize.
However, a line had to be drawn.
At the very beginning of the negotiation, he intended to raise the portion for the
Morrisons to thirty percent.
Unfortunately, the Morrisons were far too arrogant and Jayden even demanded
an even division.
This enraged Leon and in a fit of frustration, he set the portion for the Morrisons
to twenty percent.
However, they all reached an agreement. On top of that, Hugo acquired a
pharmaceutical firm and arranged for two capable men to help manage the
So long as the Morrisons were willing to acquire another cosmetic firm and
resolve his issue with setting a branch for Elegante Group, he was willing to
increase the portion to twenty-five percent.
“Sure! Mister Wolf, I’ll thank you on behalf of the Morrisons!” Hugo said with a
Though there was a condition to Leon’s proposal, it was a simple demand.
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: . . ‘
Considering the Morrisons’ power,
they could easily acquire a cosmetic
company for Leon. The content is on! Read the latest
chapter there!
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It was no exaggeration to say that
Leon was practically giving them an
extra five percent for free and Hugo
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“Mister Morrison, it’s settled then. I look forward to hearing from you,” Leon
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Just as he was about to continue, his
phone rang and he took it out to find
that it was a call from Jensen. The
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Jensen was calling to invite him over to the Dagleshs’ mansion.
After a moment of thought, he answered the call.

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