The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 2784

Chapter 2784

“Grandpa, Mister Wolf should be here soon. I’ll go welcome him outside!” Jensen
changed the subject.

“Um, forget it. I’l welcome Mister Wolf myself!” Elder Daglesh said thoughtfully.
He valued this opportunity to work with Cynthion Group. On top of that, Leon was
a young martial artist who managed to reach the Aimighty State.

With that being said, the sky was the limit for Leon and his strength granted him
a status that rivaled Elder Daglesh.

To show how much they valued the opportunity, Elder Daglesh decided to receive
Leon in person.

Given his status in the family, the others would have to follow.

Candice was reluctant to do so, but could only follow Elder Daglesh outside to
welcome Leon.

With that, the group left the hall and stepped outside the mansion.

At the gate of the Dagleshs’ mansion, Leon arrived at the address Jensen
provided to find the Dagleshs waiting.

After getting out of the car, Leon strode toward the Dagleshs.

“Welcome, Mister Wolf,” Elder Daglesh smiled as he welcomed Leon.

“Elder Daglesh, sorry for arriving late. You must’ve been waiting for a while, “
Leon smiled apologetically.

“It’s fine,” Elder Daglesh smiled.

Before he could say anything else, Candice’s melodious voice rose. “At least you
are aware that you’re late! Good of you to notice!” She scoffed.

“Well,” Leon felt slightly awkward but could not argue with her.

“Candice, don’t be rude!” Elder Daglesh shot her a displeased glance and turned
his attention back to Leon. “Mister Wolf, allow me to introduce my granddaughter,
Candice. These two are her parents.” “Hello, Mister Daglesh,” Leon nodded and
greeted each of them politely.

“Mister Wolf, we’ve heard so much about you. It’s a pleasure,” Candice’s parents
responded politely as well.

Initially, Candice assumed that Leon was a cunny, despicable man and had a bad
impression on him.

However, Leon seemed polite and not at all arrogant, which was not what she
expected. Hence, she changed her mind slightly about him.

Still, she remained displeased that Leon did not show up on time.

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“Mister Wolf, let’s go. I’ve prepared a

feast so let’s talk inside,” Elder

Daglesh cut to the chase and invited

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The group walked into the house and entered the hall.

Under Elder Daglesh’’s permission, the others took their seats.

Scanning the luxurious spread before him, Leon opened his mouth hesitantly.
“Elder Daglesh!”

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He already decided to work with the
Morrisons and was supposed to

inform Elder Daglesh about this

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However, not only did Elder Daglesh
welcome him outside the house in

person, but he also prepared a great

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Seeing how sincere the Dagleshs were, Leon could not find his words.

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