The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 2785

Chapter 2785
“Mister Wolf, what is it? Is there something you’d like to say?” Elder Daglesh
asked in confusion.
“Well,” With a troubled expression, Leon fell into silence.
He knew that the Dagleshs wanted to work with Cynthion group and he accepted
the Dagleshs’ invitation because he intended to work with them.
However, he changed his mind at the last moment and this must have been cruel
to the Dagleshs.
Still, he had to inform Elder Daglesh of the truth at one point because he had no
other option.
With that thought in mind, he stopped hesitating. “Elder Daglesh, about the
partnership with Cynthion Group, I’m sorry to inform you that I’ve reached an
agreement with Mister Hugo. Hence, I won’t be able to work with the Dagleshs.
Please forgive me,” he sighed.
He only needed to work with one family to establish Cynthion Group’s branch in
the western region and since he decided to work with the Morrisons, he could not
partner with the Dagleshs.
Apart from Cynthion Group, Elegante Group was also under his name.
However, the Elegante Group was different compared to the Cynthion Group.
The alchemical pills sold by Cynthion Group held great potential as they affected
the world of martial artists. This meant that many martial artists and thugs may
target Cynthion Group.
Leon could not stay in the western region forever and to ensure the safety of the
branch, he needed to work with a powerful family for safety measures.
Meanwhile, Elegante Group was different.
Though it was highly profitable as well, it was just a cosmetic firm that did not
influence the martial arts community.
Under normal circumstances, martial artists would not target it.
Hence, Leon did not need a partner in the western region, otherwise, he would
have considered forming a partnership between the Elegante Group and the
Unfortunately, that was not necessary for Elegante Group and he could only
apologize to them.
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I” : )

What? Mister Wolf, you’ve already
established a partnership with the

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Morrisons? How can that be?” Elder
Daglesh was shaken and froze. The
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He initially thought that Leon
preferred to work with the Dagleshs
since Leon agreed to visit, and he
was fully prepared for the negotiation
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To his bewilderment, Leon changed
his mind out of the blue and decided
to work with the Morrisons instead.
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This completely caught him off guard and his heart instantly sank.
Naturally, the others felt the same as well.
Since Leon agreed to visit, they all thought that it was almost certain that they
secured the deal.
Unfortunately, the Morrisons managed to snatch the deal right off their hands and
they were all shocked.

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