The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 2787

Chapter 2787

“Elder Daglesh, please calm down! This is indeed my fault so don’t get upset at
Miss Daglesh. There’s a reason for me to partner with the Morrisons instead and
I didn’t mean to toy with you. Please forgive me,” Leon said apologetically.
“Hypocrite! We don’t need your apology! To partner with Cynthion Group, we
welcome you as our esteemed guest and Grandpa even prepared a supreme
spiritual herb as a gift for you. Yet, you broke your promise and reached an
agreement with the Morrisons instead. How could you?” Candice glared at Leon.
Though Leon was polite and even defended her to prevent her from getting
punished, she was already certain that Leon was a despicable man and was
disgusted by him.

Naturally, she was not willing to accept his act of kindness and remained rude to

“What? Elder Daglesh, you prepared a supreme spiritual herb? Is that true?”
Leon was shocked.

Though the western region had an abundant supply of herbs, supreme spiritual
herbs would enhance the power of martial artists in the Almighty State and even
help them get past the barriers of their training.

This made supreme spiritual herbs extremely rare and valuable.

To his bewilderment, Elder Daglesh was eager enough to invite him to a feast
and even planned to give him a supreme spiritual herb as a gift.

This caught Leon by surprise.

“That’s right. We got lucky last year and happened upon a supreme spiritual
herb, Emperor Herb. I wanted to give it to you as a gift, but I guess we were a
step too late,” Elder Daglesh smiled bitterly.

Though supreme spiritual herbs could help martial artists in the Almighty State
get past the barriers of their training, there was a concern for compatibility
depending on the physique and the method martial artists trained with.

Under normal circumstances, martial artists could only use herbs that were
compatible with their physiques to maximize their effect

As the leader of the Dagleshs, Elder Daglesh long reached the Intermediate
Almighty state and was not far away from reaching the Advanced Almighty State.
When they first obtained the Emperor Herb, his first thought was to get to the
Advanced Almighty State with it. Unfortunately, the Emperor Herb was a mild
herb with no specific properties, while the methods the Dagleshs trained in were
light methods.

This meant that the Emperor Herb was not compatible with him.

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If he used it anyway, his power would

be enhanced but it would be

impossible for him to get to the next
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Hence, to prevent wasting such a valuable herb, he preserved it for another time.
It was not until now that this herb came in handy.

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Cynthion Group sold alchemical pills

and needed a large supply of rare

herbs for it. The rarer these herbs

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Elder Daglesh assumed that Emperor
Herb would be useful to Leon, so he
retrieved it to present it as a gift,

hoping that this would secure the

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Unfortunately, the Morrisons got ahead of them before they could do anything, so
all his preparation went to waste.

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