The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 2788

Chapter 2788

“Emperor Herb? What a shame!” Leon perked up and his eyes lit up.

He prepared everything he needed to produce alchemical pills and would try to
make the Rainbow Fruit into pills as soon as possible to enhance his power.
However, the Rainbow Fruit was a mild herb and needed another supreme
spiritual herb with the same property to amplify its effect.

Because of that, Leon even called Mister Orpwood to seek help with finding a
mild supreme spiritual herb.

However, supreme spiritual herbs were rare and there were countless types
available. Since he asked specifically for a mild supreme spiritual herb, even the
Dragon Corps may struggle to fulfill his request within a short period.
Everything was left in the hands of the gods.

As odds would have it, the Dagleshs possessed a supreme spiritual herb that he

The only drawback was that Elder Daglesh meant to trade the herb for a
partnership with Cynthion Group.

Since Leon already reached an agreement with the Morrisons, he could not trade
with Elder Daglesh, which was a shame.

“Elder Daglesh, I have a request. If possible, can you sell me this Emperor Herb?
Just name your price!” Leon hesitated and asked with anticipation.

“Well,” Elder Daglesh was taken aback.

Since Leon already decided to work with the Morrisons, he could not possibly
hand Emperor Herb over for free.

However, Leon proposed to purchase it and Elder Daglesh was at a crossroads.
Before he could say anything, Candice said, “You’re out of line, Wolf. It’s bad
enough that you won’t work with US, and now you are targeting our supreme
spiritual herb. You are too greedy!” She laughed angrily.

Leon broke his promise and struck a deal with the Morrisons. On top of that, he
greedily asked for the Emperor Herb.

It was far too shameless of him and she never saw anyone more shameless.
Instantly, Candice was overwhelmed by fury.

“Well, Miss Daglesh, I don’t mean to take it. I just mean to buy it,” Leon

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“Buy it? What a joke! Supreme

spiritual herbs are rare, so what

makes you think that we are willing to
sell it?” She sneered and stared at

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Since the western region had an abundant supply of herbs, there would be
supreme spiritual herbs emerging from time to time.

They were not that expensive and usually only cost under a hundred million.
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However, there were plenty of

powerful families in the western

region and since supreme spiritual

herbs could enhance the possibility

of a breakthrough for martial artists

in the Almighty State, all martial

artists dreamed of obtaining one and

the supply could not meet the

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Weaker families may sell supreme
spiritual herbs for money, but

families like the Dagleshs who were

not short of money, could not

possibly sell the herb for tens of

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It would not have been realistic.

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