The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 2791

Chapter 2791
“Mister Wolf, this is the Emperor Herb! I’m giving it to you. Please accept it.”
Elder Daglesh retrieved a delicately wrapped box and placed it in front of Leon,
before opening it.
There was an air-dried herb inside. The tips of the roots formed a star-like shape.
It did not look like a flower or a grass.
Its fragrance was calming and refreshing. This was indeed an Emperor Herb.
“Elder Daglesh, thank you. But this is too valuable and I can’t just accept this.
Just name a price so I can buy it from you,” Leon said hesitantly.
Though he truly wanted Emperor Herb, it was far too valuable and he could not
accept it as a gift as the Dagleshs would suffer a great loss if he did.
“It’s fine! This Emperor Herb won’t be of much use to US and I truly wish to give it
to you. If you felt guilty about it, just consider this as you owe US one favor. In the
future, all you need to do is help US out when we are in trouble, ” Elder Daglesh
“Well,” Leon was rendered speechless.
At this point, it seemed only reasonable for him to accept the Emperor Herb.
However, he was still hesitant when he thought of the partnership.
Since he decided to work with the Morrisons, the Dagleshs’ effort all went to
waste and he felt guilty toward them.
If he accepted such a valuable gift without paying a price, it would be rude and
he could sleep at night.
Instantly, he was at a crossroads and indecisive as to whether he should accept
the gift.
Just as he contemplated, he glanced at Elder Daglesh and noticed something.
“Hang on!” He frowned and stared intently at Elder Daglesh, his expression
“Mister Wolf, what is it? Why are you looking at me like that?” Elder Daglesh
touched his cheek in confusion.
“Elder Daglesh, I notice something off with your complexion. If I’m not mistaken,
something is wrong with your health, and your life will be in danger within the
next few months,” Leon said seriously.
His skills in medicine were unrivalled and he did not notice anything wrong with
Elder Daglesh earlier on because the symptoms were minimal.
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However, upon taking a closer look at
Elder Daglesh, he could immediately
tell that something was off. The
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“What?” Elder Daglesh and the others were all shocked.
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I” . . :

Wolf, what is the meaning of this?

: 1!
Grandpa didn’t hold a grudge over
your dishonesty and even offered to
give you the Emperor Herb. Yet here
you are cursing him! You are way out
¢ ” ¥

of line here!” Candice snapped out of
it and was instantly infuriated. The
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She was not the only one as her parents felt the same.
Her father, Mateo, was more angry than the others.
Elder Daglesh refused to listen to the others and insisted on giving Leon the
Emperor Herb.
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Not only was Leon not appreciative,
but he also cursed that Elder Daglesh
did not have long to live. The content
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