The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 2792

Chapter 2792

“Mister Wolf, I may be old but I’ve always been healthy. I’ve not experienced any
illness. Don’t you think it’s too much to claim that I won’t live past the next few
months?” Elder Daglesh’s expression darkened.

He treated Leon as an esteemed guest and even intended to give Emperor Herb
out for free. From his perspective, he was incredibly kind to Leon.

Yet, Leon claimed that he only had a few more months to live and this sounded
like a curse.

It was only natural for him to be displeased.

Even Jensen, who befriended Leon, was upset by what Leon said.

w’Elder Daglesh, you’re mistaken. I don’t mean to curse you or anything. I’m
telling the truth. If you don’t believe me, you can try pressing the point under your
third rib,” Leon explained sincerely.

“Under my third rib?” Elder Daglesh was baffled, but did as he was told and
immediately felt a sharp pain.

Elder Daglesh gasped.

“Dad, what’s wrong?” Mateo was shocked by his reaction and the others
immediately looked at Elder Daglesh with concern.

“1 don’t know why but when I press down on this spot, it feels like I’m getting
stabbed. It hurts and I feel like suffocating. It’s not that severe, though,” Elder
Daglesh said with a frown.

m’What?’ Mateo and the others paled.

Since Elder Daglesh was a skilled martial artist, he was always stronger than
ordinary people.

Hence, they all assumed that Leon was cursing Elder Daglesh and were all

However, Elder Daglesh claimed that he felt a piercing sensation under his rib
and this did not seem normal.

As they were all shocked, they now realized that Leon may be telling the truth.
“Mister Wolf, what’s going on? Is something wrong with my grandpa’s health?”
Jensen asked worriedly.

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l’Yeah! The point under our rib is

where our energy gathers. It links
directly to our internal organs. Linder
normal circumstances, a piercing
sensation and feeling of suffocation

can be experienced when one is ill.
Judging from Elder Daglesh’s

condition, something seemed to have
gone wrong with his training and he

is on the brink of losing control. If he
doesn’t get treatment soon, his life

will be in danger,” Leon explained.

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“Lose control? Is it that bad?” Elder
Daglesh and the others could not
maintain their composure any longer.
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They all knew that losing control of their energy was a horrible thing for all martial

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Once it happened, they could easily

lose all their power or even their lives,

so they dared not to take this lightly.

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