The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 2795

Chapter 2795
m’What? Are you trying to say that you are better than Doctor Otway? Mister
Wolf, don’t you think that’s too arrogant of you?” The Dagleshs were all shocked.
Since Leon was not a professional doctor, they were all skeptical about his skills,
yet Leon claimed to be better than Doctor Otway.
There was no way that they would believe him.
Candice, who had a poor impression of Leon, felt that Leon was unreliable for
bluffing and became even more appalled by him.
“Wolf, why are you bluffing? Doctor Otway is the most skilled doctor in the
Western region with impeccable skills! You’re just an amateur and not even a
professional doctor. How can you be better than Doctor Otway? Do you take us
for fools?” Candice mocked with a dark expression.
“Miss Morrison, I’m not bluffing! I’m telling the truth. If I can tell that Elder Daglesh
isill, I naturally can treat him! You don’t have to worry.” Leon frowned and said
He never accepted any payment or compensation for treating others.
Under normal circumstances, he would not beg to treat someone if they did not
believe in his skills.
However, the situation was different this time.
Elder Daglesh treated him as an esteemed guest and even intended to give him
the precious Emperor Herb.
Even if the others did not trust him, he could not just give up and leave Elder
Daglesh to die.
Hence, he patiently explained to the others in the hope that they would let him
treat Elder Daglesh.
“Well,” Seeing how sincere he was, the others fell silent.
Though they did not believe in Leon’s skills, he was not wrong.
If he could tell that something was wrong with Elder Daglesh and Elder Daglesh
confirmed that he sensed something off with his body, Leon was skilled enough
to treat Elder Daglesh.
However, Leon was too young and they were concerned about his ability.
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If he treated Elder Daglesh recklessly
and caused his condition to worsen,
this would escalate into a situation
that none of them wished to see. The
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Instantly, they were all at a crossroads and could not decide if they wanted Leon
to treat Elder Daglesh.
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I” . 5 J

Sure! Mister Wolf, since you’re
confident about this, please treat

n .

me!” Elder Daglesh, who remained
silent the entire time, said. The
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At first, he felt the same as the
others, but after knowing Leon for the
past few days, he could tell that Leon
was modest and not someone who
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Since Leon wished to treat him out of kindness, he saw no reason to reject Leon.
Eventually, he decided to accept treatment from Leon.
If Leon messed up, he could get Jensen to bring Doctor Otway over then.

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