The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 2796

Chapter 2796

“Grandpa, you can’t!” Candice and the others were all shocked and she
immediately protested.

“Why not?” Elder Daglesh turned to her, clearly displeased that she kept
questioning Leon.

“Grandpa, Wolf, Mister Wolf isn’t a proper doctor. He’s too young and his skills
can’t possibly measure up to Doctor Otway’s! If he’s an amateur, he may cause
your condition to worsen and the consequences would be unimaginable.”
Sensing his displeasure, Candice dared not to be rude but stood her ground.
She felt that Leon was unreliable and did not want him to treat Elder Daglesh.
“That won’t happen. Mister Wolf made it clear that he is confident about this! I
trust him!” Elder Daglesh said, his tone unquestionable.

Despite Leon’s young age, he was the chairman of Cynthion Group and a martial
artist in the Almighty state.

Given Leon’s ability, Leon would never make a promise if he was not certain
about succeeding.

He would never risk harming Elder Daglesh and act recklessly, so Elder Daglesh
was not worried.

“But,” Candice was reluctant to give up but was instantly interrupted by Elder

“That’s enough. It’s settled!” Elder Daglesh said decisively.

“Oh,” Seeing as Elder Daglesh made up his mind, Candice was rendered

She was not the only one concerned; the others felt the same.

However, since Elder Daglesh decided to give it a try, they could not protest any
further as they did not want to anger him.

“Mister Wolf, I’ll leave it to you..” Elder Daglesh smiled at Leon.

“Sure! Don’t worry, Elder Daglesh. I will do my best,” Leon promised.

With that, Elder Daglesh stood and went to the empty spot behind the hall, before
sitting down on the ground.

Leon started preparing for the treatment.

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Hence, it was not necessary to treat him somewhere quiet.

On top of that, the Dagleshs did not trust Leon.

To prevent them from bothering him, he intended to treat Elder Daglesh in front of
them so they could be more assured.

Indeed, the Dagleshs were all skeptical about Leon’s skills and worried that Elder
Daglesh’s condition would worsen

As Leon began the treatment, they gathered around and watched him intently.
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