The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 2797

Chapter 2797
Once everything was in place, Leon started executing the Ghost Point, which
worked to ease and suppress internal energy. This worked effectively with martial
artists on the verge of losing control so it was perfect for Elder Daglesh.
“Elder Daglesh, fire up your energy now and work with me,” Leon gestured to
Edler Daglesh to start training while sending his spiritual energy into Elder
Daglesh’s body.
The two then worked together to slowly expel the chaotic energy within Elder
Long after, Elder Daglesh’s complexion started to improve and everything
seemed to be going smoothly.
If everything went well, Leon just needed to work a little harder to expel all the
impurity in Elder Daglesh’s energy.
However, the reality was cruel and an accident occurred just as Leon was about
to succeed.
The impurity in Elder Daglesh’s energy exploded.
Under this influence, Elder Daglesh’s true energy spiraled out of control.
As his true energy spiraled into chaos, Elder Daglesh dared not to take this lightly
and immediately tried to stabilize it.
Unfortunately, his mental state did not allow it. The more he tried, the more his
energy acted up and he could not keep it down.
“Oh no!” Leon’s expression darkened.
He immediately sent his spiritual energy into Elder Daglesh’s body to control
Elder Daglesh’s true energy.
However, it was in vain.
Though Leon’s overall strength reached the Advanced Almighty state, he
underestimated the situation and forgot that his actual power was in the
Advanced Emperor State, which was miles away from the Intermediate Almighty
State that Elder Daglesh was in.
With limited ability, he could not possibly suppress the true energy within Elder
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Unable to withstand the rebound of

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Blood streamed down the corner of his mouth as he suffered internal injuries.
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Thankfully, with the pressure on the
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Without Leon there to support him,
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He opened his eyes abruptly and spat a mouthful of blood, completely losing his

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