The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 2800

Chapter 2800

“But,” Mateo and Candice panicked when they realized Elder Daglesh intended
to keep accepting Leon’s treatment.

They wanted to talk Elder Daglesh out of it but were interrupted by him before
they could say anything else.

“That’s the end of the discussion. It’s all fate and if Mister Wolf fails to treat me,
itd mean that I’m destined to go through this,” Elder Daglesh said.

He then accepted the Sun Pill from Leon and swallowed it.

The Sun Pill dissolved in his mouth and transformed into a stream of pure energy
that coursed toward his heart.

Not daring to delay, he focused and started training again.

He attempted to absorb the pure energy to suppress the raging energy within

“Elder Daglesh, let me give you a hand!” Once Elder Daglesh took the pill, Leon
strode over to him and through the Ghost Point, he sent his spiritual energy into
Edler Daglesh’s body.

To prevent Elder Daglesh from developing a trauma toward training, he continued
to use the Ghost Point to expel the chaotic energy within him.

If the pressure on the Ghost Point combined with the Sun Pill failed to cure Elder
Daglesh, he would have to resort to more aggressive measures.

However, that would be his last resort.

“Damn it!” Mateo and Candice were both frustrated and resigned.

They could only watch Leon and Elder Daglesh worriedly, praying that Leon
could cure Elder Daglesh.

Even if Leon failed, they would be content so long as Leon managed to stabilize
Elder Daglesh’s condition.

However, the reality was cruel and something unexpected happened the next

Just then, Elder Daglesh seemed to have lost control of his energy and spat
blood once again.

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They could no longer maintain their composure.

Candice already assumed that Leon was an arrogant amateur.

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Instantly, worry and panic filled her heart.

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