The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 2801

Chapter 2801
“Wolf, how dare you? Stop messing with my grandfather and let him go!”
Snapping out of it, Candice roared.
She wanted to attack Leon, but Leon was still treating Elder Daglesh and she did
not want Elder Daglesh to get caught in the crossfire.
Hence, she suppressed her anger and demanded Leon to stop.
“Candice’s right. Mister Wolf, stop this immediately,” Mateo said coldly.
He felt the same as Candice and wished for Leon to stop to prevent any further
damage to Elder Daglesh’s health.
So long as Leon stopped in time, they could get Doctor Otway here as soon as
Given Doctor Otway’s skill, he may be able to rescue Elder Daglesh from the
edge of losing control.
If Leon continued to treat Elder Daglesh recklessly, he may end up killing him
and it would be too late to get Doctor Otway there at that point.
“Mister Daglesh, Miss Daglesh, don’t worry. Elder Daglesh’s condition is
stabilizing. Just give me more time and I can surely cure him,” Leon explained.
Though Elder Daglesh spat blood once again, he could tell that the raging true
energy within Elder Daglesh was slowly being processed by the Sun Pill.
If he was not mistaken, Elder would be able to expel all the chaotic energy within
him once he processed and absorbed the raging true energy.
Once that happened, all problems would be resolved.
This was a critical moment and everything was developing toward an ideal
There was no way that he would give up on treating Elder Daglesh.
“Nonsense! Wolf, my grandfather treated you as our esteemed guest, yet you
hurt him! Do you even have a conscience? If you don’t let go of my grandfather
now, I won’t show you any mercy!” Candice was furious.
The thought that Leon’s recklessness could get Elder Daglesh killed pushed the
rage and concern within her to the highest point.
Unable to suppress her anger any longer, she extended her arm and sent a
powerful wave of true energy at Leon to stop him from treating Elder Daglesh.
“Miss Daglesh, can you stop messing around?” Leon was taken aback.
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He kept one hand on Elder Daglesh to
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Candice’s attack. The content is on! Read the latest
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Following a deafening sound, Leon’s attack clashed with Candice’s.
As he anticipated, Candice was no match for him.
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She backed away from the roast
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Thankfully, Leon merely tried to
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