The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 2803

Chapter 2803
Following a deafening noise, Leon’s attack clashed with Mateo’s.
Since Leon’s actual level was not high, Mateo’s true energy tore through Leon’s
spiritual energy and darted toward him.
However, with the Mirror of Sovereign, he could fend off any attack in the Initial
Almighty State or below.
Since Mateo was only in the Semi-Almighty State, he would not be able to get
past Leon’s defense, not to mention injure him.
Leon remained unmoved and took the blow with the Mirror of Sovereign.
At the same time, he launched the Double Attack and his true energy in the
Advanced Overlord State rose from his fist before darting toward Mateo.
Mateo did not expect Leon to take such a powerful attack with a single hand, nor
did he imagine that Leon would be able to launch another attack while being on
the momentum of his first attack.
This completely caught him by surprise and before he could react, he was sent
flying and rolling off the ground.
Thankfully, he was quite formidable and Leon did not intend to injure him.
Therefore, he merely looked slightly taken aback and did not suffer any injuries.
“What? How’s this possible?” Candice was surprised and rubbed her eyes in
Though this was her first time meeting Leon and she did not know the extent of
his strength, Leon was hardly thirty so she guessed that Leon was in the
Emperor State like her brother, Jensen.
Her father was the leader of the second generation in the Dagleshs and long
reached the Semi-Almighty state.
Amongst the second-generation martial artists, he was considered rather skilled.
Given his strength, she initially thought that he would easily defeat Leon and
prevent Leon from treating Elder Daglesh.
To her bewilderment, the contrary happened.
Not only was Mateo rendered helpless by Leon, but he was also defeated.
Instantly, she was shaken.
She was naturally not the only one as Mateo was shocked as well.
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“How can this happen?” Mateo
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He never imagined that a junior like Leon would defeat him with a single hand.
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“Dad, this guy is powerful! What should we do now?” Snapping out of it, Candice
asked worriedly.
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Concerned about Elder Daglesh’s safety, she could not think of what to do.

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