The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 2804

Chapter 2804

“So what? A junior like him can’t do anything here! I look forward to seeing what
he is capable of!” Mateo scoffed in frustration.

Though Leon defeated him with a single blow, he was not attacking with full
strength to begin with because Leon was still a guest.

Mateo was rather upset that he lost to a junior. However, this was the Dagleshs’
mansion with countless powerful martial artists around.

As powerful as Leon may be, he could not cause any trouble here and Mateo
was not at all concerned.

“Take this!” Mateo fired up his true energy again to attack Leon and prevent him
from treating Elder Daglesh.

After witnessing Leon’s true strength, he intended to give it his all and was
determined to rescue Elder Daglesh at all costs.

“Dad, don’t do it! Mister Wolf is already in the Almighty State and he isn’t far from
reaching the Intermediate Almighty State right now. You’re no match for him.”
Jensen was taken aback and immediately stopped Mateo.

“What? Is he in the Almighty state? Are you serious?”

Jensen’s words shook Mateo and Candice.

“It’s true. The two men in the Almighty State from the Grimstons couldn’t even
defeat Mister Wolf.” Jensen nodded and proceeded to recount the conflict
between Leon and the Grimstons.

“What!” Candice and Mateo were shaken to the core.

Due to many misunderstandings, Candice had a poor impression of Leon and
she was certain that he was a despicable man.

To her bewilderment, Leon was a respected martial artist in the Almighty State.
This was surreal to her.

The world of martial artists valued strength above anything.

For Leon to reach the Almighty State at such a young age, his talent was
unheard of and no one in the youngest generation could compare to him.

He was one in a million and the sky was the limit for him.

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Mateo felt the same as well.

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According to Jensen, even two martial artists in the Almighty state could not rival

Since Mateo was only in the Semi-Almighty State, there was no way he could
defeat Leon.

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