The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 2805

Chapter 2805
“Mister Wolf, you are a guest here. For the last time, I let go of my father and
stop the treatment now. If something bad happens to him, the Dagleshs’ rage will
follow you everywhere you go!” Mateo warned.
Upon learning that Leon was in the Aimighty State, he knew that he was no
match for Leon. Hence, he could only threaten Leon with the power of the
Dagleshs in the hope that Leon would give up.
That way, Leon would not be able to harm Elder Daglesh.
“Mister Daglesh, it’s not what you think. Elder Daglesh is getting better. I just
need a bit more time and I’ll surely cure him,” Leon explained patiently while
treating Elder Daglesh.
“Why you!” Both Mateo and Candice were furious.
Under Leon’s treatment, Elder Daglesh already spat blood twice and his
condition was worsening.
They all witnessed what happened and Elder Daglesh was not showing any sign
of improvement. Hence, there was no way that they would believe what Leon
“Dad, Mister Wolf has always been modest and he’s not an arrogant person.
Since he says that Grandpa is getting better, let’s just give him more time to
focus on treating Grandpa,” Jensen said thoughtfully.
Unlike Mateo and Candice, he knew Leon and the type of person Leon was.
Both Mateo and Candice refused to believe in Leon, but Jensen intended to give
Leon more time to see what would happen next.
“No way! Jensen, don’t listen to him. Grandpa is still keeping his eyes closed and
he’s not responsive at all. I think he’s already on the verge of losing control. If we
let this guy treat Grandpa, Grandpa’s life may be in danger!” Candice protested.
Both she and Mateo attacked Leon and created quite a commotion.
If Elder Daglesh’s condition was truly improving as Leon claimed, he would have
stopped her and Mateo.
Yet, he seemed oblivious to his surroundings and remained irresponsive.
This only meant that his condition was worsening and he was not in a position to
care about anything else.
If Leon continued to treat him recklessly, this would only kill Elder Daglesh.
“Candice’s right. We can’t let him get his way!” Mateo said coldly.
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Leon was outnumbered.
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