The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 2806

Chapter 2806

“Sure!” Candice said and hurried over to the alarm.

Big families like the Dagleshs would often have alarms set up everywhere inside
their mansion to protect themselves.

Linder normal circumstances, all the powerful martial artists would be alerted and
gathered once the alarm was sounded.

“But,” Jensen hesitated.

Though he trusted Leon and wanted to give him more time to treat Elder
Daglesh, Mateo and Candice felt differently.

To stop Leon, Mateo even went as far as to order Candice to sound the alarm,
intending to start a fight between Leon and the Dagleshs.

The situation would undoubtably escalate and he did not know what to do.
Candice hurried to the alarm and was about to press on it when something
unexpected happened.

“Stop!” Elder Daglesh roared and opened his eyes abruptly.

His body jolted and his true energy rose as he ascended to the Advanced
Almighty state before finally stopping.

Leon sighed and withdrew his spiritual energy, ceasing the treatment.
“Grandpa, you’re awake! Are you okay?” Jensen and Candice were both

Candice instinctively paused what she was doing when she heard Elder
Daglesh’s voice.

I’m fine,” Elder Daglesh shook his head and stood up.

With an excited look on his face, he seemed like he wanted to say something but
did not know where to start.

“Dad, what’s going on? Has your condition worsened?” Spotting the odd look on
his face, Mateo’s heart sank.

He just witnessed Elder Daglesh spitting blood under Leon’s treatment. Hence,
he assumed that Elder Daglesh’s condition worsened and that he was on the
verge of losing control.

Instantly, he was extremely worried and the others felt the same.

They all looked at Elder Daglesh with concern, worried that Mateo was right.
However, what happened next shook them all.

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“No! Mister Wolf has cured me. On

top of that, he helped me eet
ae Alrighty Site: Ider

Daglésh said excitedly, unable to
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Though he trusted Leon and insisted

on accepting treatment from Lean
despite Mateg and Wafdice’s Protest,

HE rerdly thought he could give it a

try and did not expect Leon to cure

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To his bewilderment, Leon cured him

in a matter of Sado
RAEN Golan ced Almighty

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This was so surreal that he was over the moon.

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