The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 2807

Chapter 2807

“What? Grandpa, are you saying that you are cured and got to the Advanced
Almighty state at the same time? Are we hearing you right?” The others could not
believe what they were hearing.

Since Jensen and Candice were too weak, they could not detect anything or the
change in Edler Daglesh’s power when Elder Daglesh ascended to the Advanced
Almighty State.

Mateo, on the other hand, sensed the change in Elder Daglesh’s power but was
too concerned to think much of it.

Upon hearing what Elder Daglesh said, realization dawned on them.

Under Leon’s treatment, Elder Daglesh was cured and even got past the barrier
of his training, successfully reaching the Advanced Almighty state.

This was a miracle and they would have never believed it if they did not see it
with their own eyes.

“You heard me right!” Elder Daglesh released his energy.

“It’s the Advanced Almighty state indeed!” Mateo was utterly stunned when he
detected Elder Daglesh’s power level.

Naturally, Jensen and Candice felt the same as well.

Since they were both at a lower power level, they could not distinctively detect
Elder Daglesh’s power.

However, they could tell that his true energy was far more powerful than before.
On top of that, Mateo confirmed it so all doubts vanished.

“That’s great! Dad, I didn’t expect you to get to the Advanced Almighty

State so easily! The odds favor us!” Mateo was overjoyed and burst out laughing
in excitement.

Though he did not know how Leon managed this, he knew that only the Western
Boss and Caleb would have reached the Advanced Almighty state in the Western
region if he excluded the Dragon Guards.

His father, Elder Daglesh, became the third person in the Advanced Almighty
State in the western region.

The world of martial artists valued strength above all.

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Soon, the Morrisons, the Dagleshs, and the Western Boss would all be on an
equal level.

This would only benefit the Dagleshs so Mateo was thrilled.

Naturally, Jensen and Candice felt the same as well.

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The three, who were initially worried

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