The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 2808

Chapter 2808
“This isn’t a matter of odds! It’s all thanks to Mister Wolf. Mister Wolf, you’ve
cured me and even helped me get to the Advanced Almighty State. I can never
repay this debt to you,” Elder Daglesh suppressed his excitement and thanked
He knew that he was stuck in the Intermediate Almighty State for the longest time
and was not able to reach the Advanced Almighty State for years.
This created a load on his mental state. If Leon did not diagnose him in time, his
life would have been in danger once his condition worsened.
Now that Leon cured him, he practically saved Elder Daglesh’s life.
On the other hand, all leaders of powerful families dreamed of reaching the
Advanced Almighty State and rising to the level of Caleb and the Western Boss.
Not only did Leon save his life, but he also helped Elder Daglesh get to the
Advanced Almighty State that he dreamed of for years.
Instantly, he was filled with gratitude toward Leon.
“Elder Daglesh, you’re welcome! It’s not that big a deal,” Leon said with a smile.
He did not anticipate that Elder Daglesh would have a breakthrough.
When he presented the Sun Pill to Elder Daglesh, he merely wanted to use the
pure energy within the Sun Pill to expel the impurity in Edler Daglesh’s energy.
To his surprise, Elder Daglesh was lucky enough to ascend to the Advanced
Almighty State because of that.
The Sun Pill was made from a supreme spiritual herb along with other precious
herbs. It could get martial artists in the Semi-Almighty State to the Almighty State
and there was a huge chance that it could help martial artists in the Almighty
State past the barrier of their training.
Edler Daglesh reached the Intermediate Almighty State over a decade ago and
he was close to reaching the Advanced Almighty State.
Hence, it was normal that he managed to ascend to the next level using the Sun
“Mister Wolf, this may not be a big deal for you, but it is for us! I can’t ever repay
you so just let US know whenever you need something in the future! We will do
our best to deliver,” Elder Daglesh said sincerely.
He then bowed at Leon to express his gratitude.
“Elder Daglesh, don’t do that!” Leon was taken aback and tried to stop him.
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However, with his current strength in
the Advanced Almi Yip cad
Speed powerful for
Leon and Leon could not stop him.
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After that, Elder Daglesh seemed to recall something and turned to glare at
Mateo and Candice.
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I” :

Candice, the two of you kept
interfering with the treatment and
even tried to attack Sher webu
afmpst Baéup Rurting both of us!
Hurry up and apologize to Mister

: : [1

Wolf and beg his forgiveness!” Elder
Daglesh reprimanded. The content is
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He knew that the two of them had initiated attacks at Leon to stop him, but was
too preoccupied with the breakthrough to stop them.
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Thankfully, Leon was formidable
enough to treat him while fending, off
their attacks, otperhise he two of
then whl if stop the treatment and
both Elder Daglesh and Leon would
suffer a rebound by their true energy.
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If that happened, the consequences would be unimaginable.

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