The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 2809

Chapter 2809

“Well,” Both Mateo and Candice felt ashamed.

Candice initially thought that Leon was a despicable man with no actual skills.

It was not until this moment that she realized she was wrong about him.

He was both a formidable martial artist and a skilled doctor who managed to cure
Elder Daglesh within a short period.

On top of that, he even got Elder Daglesh to the Advanced Almighty State.

His ability surpassed her imagination and it would not be an exaggeration to say
that he was a hero.

Leon was hardly the despicable man she thought he was and this realization
brought shame to her.

She was a prideful woman and could not bring herself to apologize to Leon even
though Elder Daglesh demanded it.

Mateo, on the other hand, experienced enough and was far more flexible
compared to Candice.

Upon learning that he misunderstood Leon, he instantly recognized his mistakes.
He then strode toward Leon and bowed. “Mister Wolf, I was wrong for offending
you. Please forgive me,” he said sincerely.

Seeing as her father apologized, Candice hesitated and gritted her teeth, before
walking over to Leon.

Bowing, she apologized, “Mister Wolf, I’m sorry.” “It’s fine. It’s just a
misunderstanding.” Leon smiled.

He was slightly annoyed that Mateo and Candice attacked him and came close
to ruining the treatment.

However, the two of them were merely worried about Elder Daglesh and feared
that he was not skilled enough.

It was normal. Now that they apologized and no actual damage was caused, he
saw no reason to hold a grudge.

“Mister Wolf, you’re so forgiving. I admire you for that!” Mateo sighed a breath of

After what happened, Leon’s skill in medicine and his formidable strength
impressed him.

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Leon’s abilities and personality were
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Daglesh, let’s discuss the matter

about the Emperor Herb!” Leon

changed the subject thoughtfully.

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“The Emperor Herb? Mister Wolf,

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hand Emperor Herb to Leon. The

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