The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 2812

Chapter 2812
“Um, alright then! Mister Wolf, thank you!” Edler Daglesh no longer insisted and
accepted Leon’s offer in the end.
With that, Leon traded two Cleansing Pills for Emperor Herb.
“Leon’s such an amazing person. I have underestimated him,” A conflicted look
appeared in Candice’s eyes as she studied Leon’s face.
Due to previous misunderstandings, she assumed that Leon was a despicable
At this moment, she realized how wrong she was.
Not only was he formidable, but he was always modest and righteous.
After curing Elder Daglesh, he insisted on trading the Cleansing Pills for Emperor
Such virtue was admirable and rare, making him a rare gem.
Instantly, her impression of Leon took a sharp turn, and the previous contempt
she felt transformed into admiration.
“Alright! Mister Wolf, we’ve taken up enough of your time. Please take your seat!”
Just then, Elder Daglesh changed the subject.
Though it was a shame that the Dagleshs could not partner with Cynthion Group,
they gained something in return as well.
Leon cured him and helped him get to the Advanced Almighty state.
He intended to treat Leon to a grand meal to express his gratitude.
“Elder Daglesh, I’ll take you up on that offer then!” Leon smiled and did not reject
Elder Daglesh.
The group took their seats and with the previous misunderstanding resolved, the
atmosphere was lively.
They all clicked glasses and had a great time.
Sometime later, the feast came to an end.
Seeing that it was getting late, Leon bid his farewell to the Dagleshs and returned
to his hotel.
Meanwhile, in the Morrisons’ mansion.
Since Leon hurried to the Dagleshs’ mansion, the follow-up paperwork for the
pharmaceutical firm was left in the hands of Renee and Hugo.
By the time they completed everything and returned to the Morrisons’ mansion, it
was already in the evening.
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In the main hall, Caleb and the elders,
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“Caleb, it’s been so long. Why haven’t Hugo and Renee returned? Is it possible
that they failed?”
The elders were losing patience and all looked worried.
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If Hugo and Renee failed to secure the deal in the end, the Morrisons would
suffer a great loss.
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