The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 2813

Chapter 2813

“We don’t know that! Grandpa, my dad told you all that Leon isn’t a good man!
He’s greedy and proposed an extremely unfavorable profit division. It’s
dangerous to work with someone so despicable! I think that Hugo will struggle to
strike a deal with Leon!” A young man chimed in sarcastically.

He was none other than Jayden’s son, Georgie.

Since Jayden almost ruined the opportunity to work with Cynthion Gorup, Elder
Daglesh was enraged and grounded him.

Hence, Georgie blamed Leon for causing this and was displeased with Hugo as

If possible, he did not wish for Hugo to succeed. Once an alliance was formed
between the Morrisons and Cynthion Group, Caleb and the elders would surely
place more trust in Hugo, and Jayden’s position would be threatened.

This would hardly benefit him and his father.

“Well/ Hearing this, Caleb and the elders grew more worried.

Just then, they heard footsteps approaching.

Hugo and Renee strode in.

“Hugo, Renee, you’re finally back!” Caleb and the elders were excited and all
stood up to welcome the two.

As they approached, they noticed that Hugo seemed exhausted and their hearts

“Hugo, how did it go? Did you manage to secure the partnership with Cynthion
Group?” Caleb asked worriedly.

The elders turned to Hugo with concern as well, worried that he would bring bad

Georgie was the only one who watched with interest, hoping that Hugo would fail.
once Hugo failed, he could blame everything on Hugo and Leon, before pleading
for Caleb to withdraw the punishment on Jayden.

However, the reality was cruel and what Hugo said shattered his fantasy.

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“Yeah, Grandpa, I managed to secure

the partnership with ONS m

GoGro Heje/sche £0 ract/ Hugo
Em smile and handed a

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“What?” Georgia froze.

Contrary to his reaction, Caleb and the elders were all over the moon and
excitement replaced the concern they felt moments ago.

“Wonderful! Hugo, you didn’t disappoint me!” Caleb laughed in relief.

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“No! That’s not possible! Hugo, Leon’s

a despicable man. He would never

agree work with 60d Peak for
sbrriething élse or try to obtain more
from the deal?” Reluctant to give up,
Georgie asked. The content is on! Read the latest

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Based on his previous encounter with Leon, he felt the same as his father and
assumed Leon was a despicable man.

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Hence, he thought that Leon may

have asked for more for him to Make

a COMPromise. Qthistkide, Can

would A thange his mind so easily

and decide to work with the

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