The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 2815

Chapter 2815

“Grandpa, Leon’s ruthless and cunning. We can’t just let him mess with us!”
Georgie was pleased that the others were offended and added fuel to the fire.
However, before he could finish, Hugo interrupted him. “Georgie, that’s enough.
Mister Wolf isn’t like that!”

He turned to Caleb and the elders. “Grandpa, elders, you’re all mistaken! Mister
Wolf is generous and kind. He has never planned on having US help with the
cosmetic firm without paying. That includes the pharmaceutical firms as well.
He’s already paid me all the money I used on acquiring the pharmaceutical firm,”
Hugo explained before recounting how Leon refused to accept the
pharmaceutical firm for free.

“Hugo, are you saying that he refused the gift?” “I see!”

Realization dawned on Caleb and the others.

They were all prepared to give the pharmaceutical firm to Leon for free to obtain
the partnership with Cynthion Group. To their bewilderment, Leon refused it and
paid them back.

This took them by surprise and they instantly realized they misunderstood Leon.
“Looks like we were all being too shallow,” Caleb and the elders felt ashamed.
Since Leon refused to accept the pharmaceutical firm for free, he could not
possibly demand that the Morrisons deliver a cosmetic firm for him without
paying them back either.

“Grandpa, there’s more! Mister Wolf promised to increase our portion of profit to
twenty-five percent if we find him a suitable cosmetic firm,” Hugo added.
“What? Hugo, are you serious?” Caleb and the elders could not believe what
they were hearing.

Personal gain would always be the greatest motivator.

When Leon first came to the Morrisons, they all acted arrogantly to obtain more
profit. In the end, they offended Leon and he refused to compromise.

This almost cost them the chance to work with Cynthion Group.

At this point, the Morrisons accepted the profit division set by Leon, yet he took
the initiative to increase it to twenty-five percent.

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“It’s true!” Hugo nodded.

“That’s wonderful.” “Mister Wolfs so generous!”

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Instantly, they were overwhelmed by joy.

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