The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 2816

Chapter 2816
“Damn it! How can this happen,” Contrary to the others’ reaction, Georgie was
shocked and his heart sank.
He thought that Leon was a greedy man and wanted to take this opportunity to
sow discord between the Morrisons and Cynthion Group, thus preventing Hugo
from making an accomplishment.
To his bewilderment, things turned out completely differently.
Not only did Leon not accept the pharmaceutical firm the Morrisons offered, but
he also returned all the money used. On top of that, Leon even proposed to
increase their portion of profit to twenty-five percent.
This completely caught Georgie by surprise and shattered his fantasy.
“Cousin, I thought you said Leon is a despicable, greedy man. Is there anything
else you’d like to say?” Renee mocked as she looked at Georgie with contempt.
She knew that Georgie and Jayden were both on the same side.
The two repeatedly attempted to ruin the partnership between Cynthion Group
and the Morrisons mainly because they wanted to undermine Hugo.
If Hugo performed too well, he would pose a threat to Jayden.
Hence, she was always appalled by their shallow nature.
Now that Georgie dug his own grave, she took the opportunity to mock him.
“I wasn’t sure about the situation and had some misunderstanding about Mister
Wolf. Since he’s nice enough to increase our portion of the profit, that’s ideal,”
Georgie was rendered speechless.
Therefore, he could only make excuses for his previous actions.
“Alright!” Renee scoffed at his words.
Since Georgie was still her cousin, she could not act overly rude and did not
continue to mock him.
“Hugo, you did well. Not only did you secure the deal with Cynthion Group, but
you also made it so that Mister Wolf took the initiative to increase our portion of
the profit. I’ll leave acquiring the cosmetic firm to you. You will be busy for the
next few days, but make sure you get this done for Mister Wolf,” Caleb said.
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This went to show how capable Hugo was.
After this incident, Caleb and the elders saw the potential in Hugo and placed
more trust in him.
“I know. Don’t worry, Grandpa. I’ll get this done as soon as possible,” Hugo said.
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With that, the meeting ended and everyone left.

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