The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 2817

Chapter 2817
The next morning in the five-star hotel, Leon got up and drove to the
pharmaceutical firm Hugo acquired for him.
There, he met with Elliot, Harley, and Mike.
Elliot and Mike were professionals arranged by Hugo and were to help manage
the branch.
Harley was the saleswoman Leon recruited as the vice president of the branch.
With the branch established, Harley came over today first thing in the morning to
report to duty.
Alongside the three of them, Leon took a tour inside the firm to learn more about
it, before making suitable arrangements.
On the other hand, the Morrisons and Cynthion Group were officially partners
and Leon would have to start producing the alchemical pills for the sales drive.
He had no time to manage the branch, so he left it all with Elliot, Harley, and
Elliot and Mike were responsible for operation and management, while Harley
was charged with recruitment and human resources.
The three of them had their respective duties and this would ensure that the
branch would be up and running in no time.
Once everything was ready, Leon left the office and drove to the Morrisons’
In the Morrisons’ mansion, Leon arrived to find Renee in the living hall.
“Here you are, Leon!” Renee smiled and welcomed him.
“Renee, where’s Mister Hugo? I don’t see him anything.” Leon was baffled that
Hugo was nowhere to be found.
“Well, my brother headed out early in the morning in the hope of acquiring a
cosmetic firm for you as soon as possible. He told me to stay and help with
anything related to our partnership with Cynthion Group,” Renee explained.
When Leon agreed to work with the Morrisons, he made it clear that all matters
related to the collaboration had to be monitored by Renee or Hugo.
The others were not allowed to interfere and since Hugo was busy finding a
cosmetic firm, he left Renee in share.
“I see!” Realization dawned on Leon.
He came over to discuss matters related to the production of alchemical pills with
Hugo as he wished to start as soon as possible.
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However, since he had to be the one
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Therefore, Leon did not think much of it.
“Leon, the herbs my brother gathered are all in our storage. Everything’s ready.
When will you start making the pills?” Renee asked.
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Let’s just do it today! I need a quiet
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quieter the better!” Leon said
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Sure! I’ll get that done! We have
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perfect for you,” Renee smiled. The
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“Very well! Get someone to move the herbs over then! I’l make the pills there!”
Leon nodded.
With that, Renee gathered a few guards to move the herbs out of storage, before
heading to the other mansion alongside Leon.

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