The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 2818

Chapter 2818
At the top of the mountain behind the backyard of the Morrisons’ mansion, Leon
arrived alone and scanned the forest around him.
Finding a suitable spot, he laid out the nineteen jadeite plates he bought and set
up an Energy Convergence Circle.
He intended to do what he did in the southern region and drew the spiritual
energy from the mountain to the backyard.
That way, he could produce the pills in the yard, which was far more convenient
than doing so on top of a mountain.
Once the circle was ready, Leon returned to the backyard.
Meanwhile, Renee was ordering the guards to unload the herbs and set up the
tools like the alchemy pot.
Since Leon needed a quiet environment, she then ordered the guards to leave
while she stayed to help.
Soon, the two of them were the only people left and everything was in place.
Leon took out all the herbs he obtained over the past few days, including the
Rainbow Fruit, the Emperor Herb, and the herbs he obtained from the business
With the Emperor Herb, he intended to make the Rainbow Fruit into pills to
enhance his power.
Since the Rainbow Fruit was an extremely rare herb, it would be quite
challenging to make it into pills.
To maximize its effect, he had to put in his utmost effort.
Hence, he took out the Spiritual Pearl to supply him with unlimited spiritual
energy that could aid the process.
He activated the Spiritual Pearl and it rose to the air, emitting powerful true
energy and spiritual energy that surrounded him and Renee.
“Leon, what’s this pearl?” Renee was shaken by the powerful energy that came
from the spiritual Herb.
“Oh, it’s called the Spiritual Pearl and it aids martial artists in their training,” he
“What? I didn’t expect you to have something like this. It’s no wonder that you
managed to become so powerful at such a young age.” Realization dawned on
She stared at Leon’s face, overwhelmed by emotions.
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One could even describe it as a one-in-a-million treasure.
After spending a few days with Leon, she thought she already knew him quite
It was not until this moment that she realized she underestimated Leon.
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This intrigued her and she developed
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