The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 2819

Chapter 2819

“Alright! Renee, let’s start making the pills. Give me a hand,” Leon changed the
subject, oblivious to the emotions she was feeling.

Snapping out of it, Renee suppressed her overwhelming emotions and said,

Leon walked over to the pot and lit the fire, before tossing the Rainbow Fruit and
the Emperor Herb into it to start the process.

He fired up his energy. While absorbing the energy from the Spiritual Pearl, he
sent his spiritual energy into the pot to merge the herbs.

Time ticked by and after a while, he gestured for Renee to toss in two herbs that
had grown for three hundred years along with other precious herbs into the pot.
He then controlled the herbs with his spiritual energy and merged them into pills.
More time passed and the pot suddenly started shaking as beams of light darted
out of it.

Such a splendid scene amazed Renee.

“It’s done!” Leon sighed and withdrew his spiritual energy.

With anticipation, he walked over and opened the pot.

Inside, eight rainbow-colored pills oozed a calming fragrance.

“Leon, what are these? The true energy from them is incredible!” Renee
approached and felt energized just from the fragrance of the pills.

During Jaxon’s bouquet, Leon gave her a Motherwort Pill to prove the
effectiveness of the alchemical pills.

The true energy within the Motherwort Pill was pure and powerful, which helped
her get to the Emperor State from the Advanced Overlord State.

However, the rainbow-colored pills were even more powerful energy than the
Motherwort Pill.

This was so surreal that she was both shocked and baffled.

“Oh, these are pills I produced with a heavenly herb called the Rainbow Fruit. I
guess I will name these Rainbow Pills,” Leon smiled.

Like the Sun Pills, the Rainbow Pills were produced based on what he knew
about herbs and the recipes he inherited from his ancestors.

There was no name for this type of pills and since they were made from the
Rainbow Fruit, he decided to name them the Rainbow Pills.

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“These are made from a heavenly

herb? Wait, I thought that eo hi!
EE the Feaks
was! to en, so where did you get this
Rainbow Fruit?” Renee was baffled.

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She knew that Leon planned to trade
alchemical pills for the EEE
Flower, tqyever, thd Ranbow Flower
was! later stolen and the culprit came
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She heard about all these and could not figure out how Leon got his hands on a
heavenly herb.

On top of that, he obtained the Rainbow Fruit instead of the Rainbow Flower.
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“Well, the Feaks didn’t just possess

the Rainbow Flower, but also the:
Rainbow Fruit. ThouglChe®éihbow
Flower Wasstolen, they still had the
Rainbow Fruit, and the Feaks

eventually gave me the Rainbow

Fruit,” Leon explained. The content is

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