The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 2820

Chapter 2820
“I see!” Renee finally understood how Leon came to possess a heavenly herb.
It was no wonder that the new pills he produced had more power than that of the
Motherwort Pills.
It turned out that the Rainbow Pills were made from the Rainbow Fruit.
“Leon, can you sell one Rainbow Pill to me? I want to know how it works,” she
asked with anticipation.
She still remembered how Leon got her to the Initial Emperor State with the
Motherwort Pill.
Since the power in the Rainbow Pills was far stronger than that of the Motherwort
Pill, she may be able to get to the Advanced Emperor state or even higher with
one Rainbow Pills.
“Um,” Leon did not expect Renee to ask for the Rainbow Pills and hesitated.
The Rainbow Fruit was extremely rare and with the combination with the
Emperor Herb and many other precious herbs, he only managed to produce
eight Rainbow Pills.
This simply proved how valuable the Rainbow Pills were.
He could not possibly sell them as he needed to save them for the people who
were important to him, like Iris and the others.
There would not be many left after he and his confidantes took the Rainbow Pills,
so even his subordinates like Mason, Spencer, and the others would not get one.
Therefore, he did not have any extras to sell to Renee.
“If it’s troubling you, forget it,” Spotting the troubled look on his face, she felt
However, she knew that there were not many Rainbow Pills and their value could
not be weighed with money alone.
It was normal that Leon did not wish to sell them and she could understand.
“Renee, I’m sorry, but I need these and can’t sell them to you. However, I still
have a few cleaning pills with me. I can give you and your brother two Cleansing
Pills as gifts instead,” Leon said thoughtfully.
He then retrieved a flask and handed two Cleansing Pills to Renee.
After spending a few days together, he had a great impression of Hugo and
Renee first took him to the bouquet organized by Jaxon and helped him in times
of need multiple times.
Leon came to consider them his friends. Since the Cleansing Pills only worked
on younger martial artists, he had no use for them.
Since he could not sell the Rainbow Pills to Renee, he decided to give her and
Hugo two Cleansing Pills instead.
That would be the best he could do.
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Cleansing Pills? That sounds
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one’s talent, right?” Renee was taken
aback at first but soon remembered
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When Hugo went to the southern
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Cleansing Pills for sale. The content
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Since there were only five pills, many families fought to purchase them and
Hugo failed to obtain one for himself.
It was always something that he regretted and he mentioned it to Renee
afterward as well.
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Because of that, Renee knew quite a
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artists’ talent miraculously. The
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