The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 2823

Chapter 2823
As Leon wrapped up his practice and stood up, Renee, who was practicing
beside him, trembled slightly. Her delicate face gradually flushed, evidently
reaching a crucial moment in her training!
Her situation mirrored Leon’s.
Renne absorbed and refined the energy of the Cleansing Pills in her body. Then,
aided by the powerful true energy emitted from the Spiritual Pearl above her
head, she repeatedly attempted to break through her current martial arts
However, unlike Ruth and Roanne, whose martial talents were outstanding and
terrifying, Renee’s talents were not as remarkable.
In the end, she did not break through her current martial arts bottleneck like Ruth
and Roanne did, using the Cleansing Pills!
After several attempts to break through the martial arts bottleneck, each time
falling just short, she could not help but feel anxious, yet she was helpless!
“Renee, let me lend you a hand! Keep your mind steady, don’t rush…”
Seeing Renee’s impatience, Leon stretched several fingers decisively.
Then, with lightning speed, he employed the Eternity Compression Method,
inserting the fingers one by one into several acupoints around Renee’s energy
The Eternity Compression Method had the effect of dredging internal circulation
and regulating one’s aura.
As he applied the technique, Renee felt a cool breath rushing into her energy
center, instantly calming her previously restless mood!
Taking advantage of this opportunity, she circulated her true energy and, with the
assistance of the Eternity Compression Method, continued to attempt to
breakthrough her martial arts bottleneck!
In just a moment, Renee’s body shook, and with a determined effort, she finally
broke through the barrier of the initial stage of the Emperor state, advancing
smoothly from the initial stage to the middle stage of the Emperor state.
“Great, this is amazing! My training has finally broken through…”
Renee’s face lit up with joy, unable to help but breathe a sigh of relief.
Then, she continued to cultivate for several weeks, stabilizing her training realm
before finally finishing and standing up.
“Renee, congratulations!”
Leon withdrew his fingers from Renee’s body, smiling and congratulating her.
“Leon, thank you! It’s all thanks to your help just now, otherwise, it would have
been difficult for me to make this breakthrough…”
Renee gratefully smiled, expressing her thanks to Leon a few times. In her
appreciative gaze, there flashed a hint of admiration and worship.
In the martial world, strength was always revered, and strong individuals were
Before she met Leon, her martial arts talent was not particularly outstanding,
leaving a noticeable gap compared to her older brother, Hugo.
At that time, her training was only at the late stage of Overlord!
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However, after meeting Leon, he first
helped her elevate her Mining, fein
the tegtzge EO 10 the initial
stade of Emperor using Motherwort
Pills and Advanced Pure Energy Pills!
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Now, Leon has once again used Cleansing Pills to improve her martial aptitude,
raising her training to the Intermediate Emperor State!
All of this is thanks to Leon. His contribution cannot be overstated.
At that moment, her gratitude towards Leon was beyond words.
However, that’s not all!
Leon, despite his young age, not only possesses outstanding abilities but also
established the influential Cynthion Group single-handedly.
Moreover, Leon’s training is unfathomable, his strength already reaching the
immensely powerful Almighty state at the very least. It was far more outstanding
than others of the same age!
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