The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 2824

Chapter 2824

“Renee, let’s continue to make the alchemical pills!” Leon changed the subject.
He was always quite slow when it came to romance, so he did not notice the
admiration in Renee’s eyes.

“Oh, sure!” Renee smiled and focused.

Leon strode over to the alchemy pot and started producing pills again with
Renee’s help.

This time, Leon was making the Spirit Nurturing Pills.

Unlike the Energy Nurturing Pills that speed up the process of growth for martial
artists, the Spirit Nurturing Pills replenished spiritual energy for those who
practiced sage art.

Back in Springfield City, he once made a batch of Spirit Nurturing Pills. However,
those were almost used up in the past few months and he needed to produce a
new batch.

In the past batch, he used a herb that grew for three hundred years as the main
ingredient. However, he managed to obtain three spiritual herbs from Jaxon’s

Taking out the spiritual herb he used on treating Jaxon, he had two spiritual herbs
left and he intended to make them into Spirit Nurturing Pills for his use.
Spiritual herbs had a slightly better effect than herbs that grew for three to five
hundred years, so the Spirit Nurturing Pills made from spiritual herbs would be
considered premium Spirit Nurturing Pills.

These would work better than the ones he had in the past and allow him to
replenish his spiritual energy faster in battles and combat the loss he
encountered from using the Hurricane Break.

After making the Supreme Spirit Nurturing Pills, he picked a herb that grew for
five hundred years and started making a few batches of Supreme Pure Energy

By the time he was done, it was already evening.

Since it was getting late and both of them were exhausted, Leon stopped and
had dinner with Renee.

After that, the two returned to their places to rest.

In the following days, Leon focused solely on producing alchemical pills. He first
made a huge batch of Energy Nurturing Pills, Beauty pills, and Circulation pills.
The demand for these pills was huge and he would need tens of thousands of
them, so this took more effort and time than producing Supreme Pure Energy.
In the end, it took him a total of five days to produce all the alchemical pills.
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Once he completed the dull task of
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The next morning, in the luxury suite inside a five-star hotel.

Leon was exhausted from producing alchemical pills, so he slept on this day and
did not wake up even afternoon.

Just as he was deeply asleep, the knocking on the door woke up.

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