The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 2826

Chapter 2826
“Miss Daglesh, if ‘m not mistaken, you may be suffering from dysmenorrhea and
irregular menstruation. You would often experience pain in your lower abdomen
as well, right?” Leon said.
To simplify, Candice was suffering from dysmenorrhea.
When Leon first inherited everything from his ancestors and started working for
Iris, Iris’s best friend suffered the same condition as well and he ended up curing
Ariel’s condition was caused by coldness in her uterus and since she was treated
in time, the condition was hardly severe.
Candice’s condition, however, seemed to be caused by coldness within her body
in general.
Since she had delayed treatment, her condition was far worse than Ariel’s.
“Yeah. In recent months, I would suffer bad pain and my limbs would go cold
during my time of the month and the situation keeps worsening,” Candice
blushed and dared not to look Leon in the eye.
Though it was a new age, she was born and raised in a prestigious family with
more conservative beliefs.
Leon was a man around his age and it was quite embarrassing to discuss this
sort of matter with him.
Hence, she was hesitant to tell Leon about her condition earlier.
She went to the hospital multiple times and nothing worked, or she would have
never swallowed her pride and come to Leon for help.
Leon was far more skilled than ordinary doctors and he managed to see what
was wrong with her without using any equipment. Hence, her trust in him
“Pain and coldness in your limbs, huh? I guess it is caused by dark energy,” Leon
said thoughtfully.
Though coldness in one’s body and one’s uterus were different conditions, there
were a lot of similarities in symptoms.
Coldness in one’s uterus only occurred in women and there was a high tendency
of occurrence.
Coldness in one’s body, on the other hand, was a more general condition with
rarer occurrence.
Linder normal circumstances, a lot of doctors would misdiagnose and mix up the
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Leon assumed that the doctors
Candice went to in the Jmescid
mistook lies condition r’being
likrited in her uterus, which prevented
treatment from being effective. The
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“Mister Wolf, what should I do now?” Candice asked worriedly.
Through Leon’s reaction, she could tell that her condition was challenging to treat
and she felt nervous about it.
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I” ! .

Don’t worry. This may be a rare
condition, but I can treat it. Hpy@ver,
I will negd 19 pecfrh Ch detailed

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chetk on you before treatment,” Leon
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Since there were a lot of similarities
between the two cond tions, he could
not make asertain to simply
bkehlise Candice claimed to suffer
from cold feet and stomachache.
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To prevent a false diagnosis, he needed to perform a more detailed test to be

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