The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 2828

Chapter 2828

Sensing his movements on her, Candice blushed.

She did not think much of it when Leon proposed to massage her.

However, once their skin came into contact, she realized that it was a rather

intimate treatment.

However, Leon already started the treatment and it was too late for her to quit.

Hence, she could only endure the embarrassment and accept the treatment.

Thankfully, Leon focused on mainly a few pressure points and did not take

advantage of her, which eased her embarrassment slightly.

With that, Leon focused on massaging Candice with his true energy, moving from

her ankles to her legs and avoiding her stomach.

He then moved to her arms and shoulders, slowly expelling the cold energy

within her.

“This feels nice,” Candice could not help but moan.

She was quite nervous because the massage felt too intimate. However, as

Leon’s true energy flowed into her body, his hands gave off a warmth that

expelled the coldness within her.

This made her feel incredibly comfortable and less nervous to the point that she

could not stop moaning.

Hearing her seductive noises, Leon felt stricken.

Candice was extremely beautiful and her curvy figure was extremely alluring.

Leon merely managed to cast away unnecessary thoughts with solitude.

However, her moaning was simply too seductive and it was something that

almost broke Leon.

Thankfully, the massage was almost coming to an end so he withdrew his arms.

“Alright, Miss Daglesh, the first phase of treatment is done. I will continue to

stimulate your pressure points and then prescribe you medicine. So long as you

take the medicine according to schedule, you should be fine within half a month,”

Leon sighed, regaining his composure.

“Alright! Mister Wolf, I think that treatment worked wondrously. Thank you,”

Candice smiled gratefully.

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After the massage, she could feel

better and her Imai etelh

hal proved fat Leos treatment
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chapter there!

With that, her trust in Leon’s skill deepened.

“Good! Let’s continue, then!” Leon smiled.

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He then executed the Eternity

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ESURpOnSED hd Candice’s

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The Eternity Compression Method could remove blockage and balance energy

within one’s body.

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Since Leon’s true energy had a light

property, it was more suitable fay

expelling the gold bled inside

Contice compared to spiritual

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Hence, he focused on using his true energy instead of spiritual energy.

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