The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 2829

Chapter 2829

As he executed the Eternity Compression Method, Candice jolted and her blush

Since Leon’s treatment from earlier was working, the nervousness she felt eased

However, things were different as Leon was now focusing on her torso, which
was far more private than other parts of her body.

Though Leon was merely sending his true energy through the pressure points
and was hardly touching her, she was still more embarrassed and nervous
compared to earlier.

Shaking slightly, she closed her eyes and dared not to look at Leon so that she
would not feel as embarrassed.

As a doctor, Leon was solely focused on treating his patient and did not think
much of other matters.

Focusing on the treatment, his true energy coursed through Candice’s body and
neutralized the coldness within her torso.

Along while later, the coldness was slowly expelled under his effort and
everything seemed to be going smoothly except for one thing.

“Oh,” Candice moaned again.

Like earlier, Leon’s true energy warmed her up and she felt incredible.

Though she kept a leveled head and remained nervous, she could not help

“M- Miss Daglesh, can you stop making that kind of noise?” Leon’s heart rose to
his throat and he came close to stopping the treatment.

He was a normal man and her melodious voice was extremely alluring.

He could not take it and would have completely lost his composure if he was not
as determined.

“I don’t mean to, but I- O0h@” Candice felt extremely embarrassed and wished
she could just hide herself.

She knew that she should not be moaning as it would interrupt the treatment, but
she could not help it.

Before she could finish her sentence, she jolted and moaned again.

Flushing a shade of crimson, she desperately wished she could just faint on the

“I-” Leon was resigned.

Though Candice did not finish her sentence, he knew what she meant to say.
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The feeling of the coldness around

her torso being neutral ized WapHKely

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wih! She could not help making

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It was normal and there was nothing much he could do.

Hence, Leon could only endure it and keep calm.

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Ignoring her sweet moaning, he

gritted his teeth ens tHe
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Sometime later, he started to flush and was sweating profusely.

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Thankfully, the treatment was

coming to an end Rds sighed &
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However, something unexpected happened in the next moment.

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