The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 2835

Chapter 2835
“Renee, I’m sorry, but I can’t be your boyfriend,” Leon snapped out of it and
rejected Renee.
“What? Why not? Is it because of Candice?’ Renee did not expect to be rejected
and was shaken.
She turned to Candice with rage and jealousy as she assumed Leon rejected her
for the sake of Candice.
“No, this has nothing to do with Miss Daglesh. You don’t know this, but I already
have a girl-” Leon shook his head, intending to explain that he already had a
However, something unexpected happened before he could finish his sentence.
“How impressive!” A sneer sounded outside.
Ruth, with her petite frame and beautiful features, stormed into the room,
followed by four equally beautiful women.
They were none other than Iris, Cynthia, Snow, and Roanne.
Apart from them, Leon’s subordinates, Henry and Chandler, were there as well.
Leon completed the production of the alchemical pills in the afternoon the day
He called Cynthia the same night, arranging for Chandler to escort Cynthia to the
western region to assist him with the sales drive.
After being apart for so long, Iris, Cynthia, and the others all missed Leon.
Upon hearing from Leon, everyone wanted to go to the western region to see
Leon, so they departed together earlier that morning.
According to the address Leon provided Cynthia, they found the hotel Leon
stayed in and just arrived not long ago.
Since Renee had a misunderstanding when she came and found Candice, she
left the door open.
Hence, Iris and the others arrive just in time to hear Renee confessing her
feelings for Leon.
Ruth, who had always been hot-tempered, was the first to snap and walk through
the door.
“They’re so beautiful! Who are they?” Candice and Renee were both taken aback
by Iris and the others’ beauty.
Candice was a beautiful woman and she had always been proud of her looks, but
Iris and the other four women who stepped in were all more beautiful than her.
Renee, who was the most beautiful woman in the western region, was the only
one who could compare with Leon’s five confidantes.
Even so, Iris and Cynthia were still slightly more beautiful than Renee.
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It was practically a miracle.
“Iris, you’re all here? That’s great!”
Unlike Candice and Renee, Leon was overjoyed to see them.
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He could not be bothered to speak with Renee and hurried over to Iris.
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